Get £15 off your UBER taxi this Christmas and New Year

Uber discount code

The team at UBER have kindly offered readers of Mum in Brum an UBER discount code for a first free ride of up to £15. If you haven’t heard of UBER by now…where have you been?!

Having a little one, I don’t tend to get out ‘on the town’ all that much these days. Who am I kidding, we hardly go out at all. But looking back on my previous life (before child) the one thing that used to put me off going out at this time of year was the never-ending wait for a taxi.

I remember the freezing-cold walk (in ridiculously inappropriate clothing) to the taxi rank, where we would sometimes be waiting for up to an hour to get a ride home. Other times, we would’ve been more organised and booked a taxi in advance, only for it to not turn up – occupied taxis passing by as we would wait, wishing we’d bought a coat after all, premature hangover kicking in.

If only UBER had existed then!

Uber discount codeAdmittedly, I was completely oblivious to UBER until I went to visit a friend in Manchester a couple of months ago for a rare ‘girls’ night out’. I was amazed when, five minutes after we decided to call it a night, a taxi pulled up outside with our name on it.

The UBER app enables you to order your taxi with one click (after initially signing up). It uses your phone’s GPS to detect your location so that the nearest available driver can come pick you up. So even if you’re somewhere new (or you’ve had one too many!) the driver will find you. Better still, you can track your driver, so you know exactly how far away they are. Genius. You will also be sent your driver’s contact details so that you can get in touch with them if you need to, and there’s even a ‘split your bill’ function if you’re sharing the ride.

I for one never seem to have any cash on me, so the fact that the taxi fare is automatically taken from your credit card seems so much more convenient. I like that you also know how much your fare is before you book your taxi, so there’s no feeling like you’ve been ripped off – which often feels like the case at this time of year.

I’m starting to sound a little bit like UBER’S PR company, which trust me – I’m not. I also haven’t been sponsored to write this post. But I do think that UBER is a fantastic app and everyone going on a night out in a city should use it. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also so much safer than trekking through city centres searching for a ride home.

To claim your first free ride of up to £15, simply visit and enter the UBER discount code MUMINBRUM upon signing up.

Have a great night – and stay safe! (I’m such a Mum these days…)

In the UK, UBER is currently available in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Merseyside and Sheffield (according to their website).

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