Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift?

unique father's day gift - personalised photo book

I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to getting presents for the hubby – mainly because he’s pretty rubbish at telling me what he wants and whenever I ask him he tells me that he doesn’t want anything (but of course he does!) I think men are so much more difficult to buy for than women, and (even though they’ll never admit it), so much more fussy! I wanted to get him a unique Father’s Day gift for his first one last year, but I was a little short of inspiration…IMG_2082

I didn’t want to get him something just for the sake of it, but I wanted something that would be a keepsake and that would celebrate what a great Dad he is to Taylor. So I was made up when I came across this personalised photo book by Its Your Story available via Not On The High Street.unique father's day gift - personalised photo bookWhat’s it about?

The book ‘Daddy’s Zoo Adventure’ is all about Daddy’s fun-filled day out with their child/children at the zoo and has Daddy in some hilarious settings as he visits the different zoo animals (the adults will most definitely find it entertaining too!).

Thanks to the brilliant bold illustrations, the book is perfect for toddlers and younger babies who are more into the visual aspects of a book, but it’s also great for older children as each page asks a question (‘how many teeth has the crocodile got?’ ‘Can you roar like a lion?’) making it a really fun read for children of all ages. Up to three children can also be incorporated into the story so it’s a great book for siblings to read together.

How to order

To order the book you simply have to upload a photo of Dad along with some other personal details like your child’s favourite food, their best friends and where you live. You also have the option to include your own personalised message at the front of the book, which is perfect for a Father’s Day gift.

a unique father's day gift from not on the high street

The book arrived within five days (£2.75 delivery charge) and I was so pleased with the quality –  it has a glossy hardback cover and every page is beautifully printed on thick A4 paper. I know that it will be on our bookshelf for years to come.


It’s always been a bit of a struggle reading to Taylor before bedtime (she’s either more into playing with something, or so exhausted she just wants to throw the book across the room!) but this is by far her favourite book. She loves pointing ‘Dadda!’ out and Dad loves reading it to her – mainly because she kisses his picture on every page! So cute.

a unique father's day gift - a personalised photo book

You can buy the book for £19.99 from Not On The High Street here.

Now, what do I get him for Father’s Day this year?

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  1. Coral
    June 6, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Ah this is lovely…something that Daddy and Taylor can enjoy for many years to come!! I brought ‘I love my Daddy’ by Giles Andreae for our first Fathers Day & we still read it four years later!x

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