To Taylor – at 20 months

Wow, how much you’ve grown! Yes, I know I always say that when I write one of these, but you really have come on leaps and bounds over the past couple of months. Your dad and I were watching a video of you when we were in bed this morning from a year ago and you look so young – It’s hard to remember you before you started running everywhere and without your bunches (I can’t help it, you just looks so cute). But you had such a twinkle in your eye and a mischievous grin even back then, and you are still as cheeky as ever now.IMG_3170

I know you test me at times but really I love how cheeky and mischievous you are – you make me howl every single day. You are so curious and still have such a determination in everything that you do which manifests itself in your constant quest for more independence. You are obsessed with dressing yourself at the moment. It started with the shoes which you have to put on first thing in the morning on top of your pajamas (you’re obsessed with shoes – apparently you tried to put on all of the other children’s shoes at nursery yesterday when you came in from playtime). Now you also insist on putting on your socks and leggings yourself and sometimes your t-shirts too. If I try and help you an almighty meltdown ensues – so getting you dressed is no easy task these days and we usually end up with legs through t-shirt arms etc.

You’re also obsessed with pushing your buggy around our house (you’ve figured out how to take off the break) and you like to put dolly in there to push around. But you refuse to go in there yourself. In fact, you insist on pushing the buggy when we’re out too, which defeats the object a little. You insist on walking everywhere and when you get tired you are sooooo slow and and you have to stop and touch everything in your path. I have to man-handle you in the end to get you in the buggy otherwise we would never go home! But then I’ve had months of man-handling you into your car seat, so I’m a pro at it now. You are so strong though.

We now go to the park on most days and you have a play on the climbing frame, swings and slides whilst Max sits looking through the railings, barking at us the whole time. You are completely fearless and attempt to climb the frames that are for kids far older than you – and you actually manage it too. The slide is your favourite – the bigger the better. You decided you wanted to go on the big kid swings the other day and we had a big tantrum when I had to carry you away.IMG_3045

Play-Doh is still a favourite activity at home and you can also sort shapes now into your shape sorter. But most of all you still enjoy following mum around and copying everything I do (makeup, brushing my hair, hoovering, mopping). A cleaning session can literally take hours as you want a go at everything yourself. Trust me darling, when you’re old enough…

Your favourite programme is still Swashbuckle – in fact it’s the only thing you ever want to watch. I’ve recorded all of the episodes now so I usually put it on for you when it’s time to prepare dinner – I get a least ten minutes of peace before you come to find me in the kitchen demanding food.

Ah food. You still love your food, just like your mum. And your dad for that matter – there’s no wonder really that you’re such a gannet. You are always hungry and food is usually the answer to your tantrums. Last night you had three helpings of pasta – three! ‘More!’ is most definitely still your favourite word. I took the most hilarious video of you when we were on our holidays last week in Salcombe; You were so tired after playing all day that you were falling asleep whilst eating your dinner. You carried on eating with your eyes closed and whenever we tried to take the plate away you would wake up and snatch your plate back. It had Nanna and Grandad in stitches.

We had your cousin Stanley (and Aunty Faye and Uncle Martin) staying with us in July and you followed him around everywhere. He is most definitely your favorite person now (apart from Dad perhaps). When we Skype them in Dubai you find it hilarious when he sticks his tongue out at you on the i-Pad. If only you found me so funny. You also have a new-found affection for Max who you try and kiss and cuddle at every opportunity.  The feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual yet…IMG_3083

Other developments

At nursery

You still seem to enjoy nursery although when I drop you off you go all coy and refuse to look me in the eye – I don’t get a wave goodbye or a kiss. But sometimes I’ll peer through the window once I’ve left and you’ll be sat eating your breakfast, as happy as Larry. When I come to pick you up you always run up to me but then run off straight away to carry on playing. So I know you enjoy it really.


You are such a good communicator and I think the better you get at it, the less frustrated you become. You now shake your head at me whenever I offer something that you don’t want and ‘mmm’ now means ‘yes’ in Taylor Talk. Your favourite words are still ‘shoes’ and ‘more’. I’ve also just started to teach you ‘Ta’ but you only copy me at the minute and it sounds like you’re taking the micky because you say it in exactly the same tone ‘Taaaaaaaa?’ I understand what you want most of the time when you’re trying to tell me (pointing frantically).

How you look

Still super cute of course. You haven’t changed much since your 18 month update – your hair continues to get longer and you seem to be getting taller now. You are finally in 18 month – 2yr clothes (although I have to roll up the legs and sleeves).


You are just so cheeky and love nothing more than running around the house, exploring new things and playing games. Your laugh is the best. The ‘tantrum twos’ continue (a little early) and you have a meltdown whenever you don’t get your way. Nothing halts them apart from when I walk away from you. On the plus side, you’re also so much more loving now and often come over and cuddle my leg or just kiss me out of nowhere. I of course think it’s the cutest thing ever since it still feels like quite a novelty.


You still have your morning nap at 9.30, but it’s getting shorter every week and you usually have about 1.5 hours a day now. You still wake up around 6am so we’ve been trying to put your bedtime a little later than the usual 7pm – to no avail! Mum and dad are both pretty tired at the moment.


I can’t believe you are now on the approach to your second birthday – this year really has gone so fast, but then I really can’t imagine you as a little newborn anymore. Being a toddler really suits you and you seem so happy (when not having a tantrum!) as a little independent being. I wouldn’t change a thing about you, you rock my world.


Your mum xxx

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    This is such a lovely post, and a great way to look back on how your daughter was doing #TwinklyTuesday
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