How do you post your parcels? (Pssst! There’s a better way)


Don’t even answer that. I know exactly how it goes…

You drive to your local (not that local) post office and spend an age queuing with your screaming/unruly/tired/grumpy children, trying to stop them from causing chaos whilst meanwhile the queue doesn’t seem to be moving AT ALL. When you finally get to the checkout you opt to just pay ‘whatever it costs’  to get it there, so that you can get out of there as quickly as possible…


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There is a better way…

Last year I left my new Samsung Note 4 in a bar in London. Actually it was the Paternoster Chop House where they film the Channel 4 TV series ‘First Dates’. Anyway, I must’ve been a little distracted by this fact, as a few cocktails later I walked out of there leaving my phone on the bar. I didn’t actually realise I was without phone until we were on the way back to my mate’s house in High Wycombe (“Sh*****t where’s my phone? It must be here. It definitely must be here. Oh sh*t, it’s not bloody here…”)

I know that losing a mobile is a big deal to anyone, but for me, being a mother and a blogger, the panic was three-fold. All I could think about was all of those precious videos and photos of my (then) six-month old daughter that I hadn’t backed up (ALWAYS back up people!) And being a blogger, my phone is more a part of me than I’d like to admit. I’m actually a very bad blogger and always keep all of my social media accounts (alongside my WordPress account!) logged in at all times. In fact, I can’t even remember the password for some of them…So the thought of potentially being hacked and someone accessing all of my personal information was a little overwhelming.paternoster-chop-house-london

Unfortunately, I have a history of ‘misplacing’ my mobile phone. Usually on a night out after I’ve had a few (okay, not so much any more now that I’m a mum bore). But from experience, I knew that the chance of being reunited with said phone was pretty much zero…So can you imagine my relief the next day when I called the (First Dates) restaurant and they’d had it handed in?! (Don’t you just love that feeling of finding something you thought you’d lost? It almost makes it worth losing it in the first place!)

As is the case when being reunited with a prized possession, I really didn’t care how much it was going to cost me to get it back. For the first time in my life I was ‘prepared to pay’ for the services of a courier – a service I rather naively thought was only used by business who had the money and the requirement, rather than by individuals like me watching their pennies. I took myself off to Google and braced myself for a hefty fee…only to be pleasantly surprised.

Price comparison sites for couriers?

As it turns out, there are price comparison sites for courier services, like Parcel2Go that compare quotes and give people access to a range of convenient courier delivery services – some where there courier will collect the parcel from you. It cost me just £10 to get my phone picked up from the restaurant and delivered to my door. I was pretty impressed! Apparently, prices can also be up to 69% cheaper than Royal Mail too, so definitely worth checking out the next time you want to send or receive a parcel.

It also means that you won’t have to venture out to queue in that Post Office with your screaming/unruly/tired/grumpy children…or perhaps you’re childless and just have 101 better things to be doing than waiting to post your parcel…

Have you had any difficult experiences trying to post parcels? Do you find it quite tedious like me? Would you consider using a courier price comparison website? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration

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  1. Emma Mathews
    October 3, 2016 at 10:06 am

    I love this. Just the thought of entering the Post Office puts me off. Maybe I’ll get round to selling all the old baby stuff on Ebay now. Emma x

    1. Natalie Mudd
      October 5, 2016 at 10:04 pm

      I’m exactly the same! Perhaps I might consider selling more on ebay too now x

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