Resorts World Birmingham’s first birthday – Prosecco, fine food and a cocktail masterclass


Last week we were invited along to a blogger event to celebrate the first birthday of Resorts World Birmingham. Lucky for me it was an evening event so it gave me the perfect excuse to get glammed up and leave the hubby to babysit for the evening. I’ve only ever been to Resorts World during the day with family, so I was excited to experience all that it has to offer after dark. My friend Lisa came along, who was also glad of the opportunity to leave her ten-month old at home with Dad and have a rare night out.

Bottega Prosecco Bar

Our night began at Bottega Prosecco Bar where we enjoyed a glass of Prosecco (of course) and some nibbles whilst everyone arrived. Bottega has a sophisticated, welcoming atmosphere with an extensive drinks menu and a tempting range of Italian-inspired food options. It’s the sort of joint you can pop in to for a casual drink during a shopping trip, and where you feel equally at home in your party frock on an evening out (as we were).


In fact, this is what I love about Resorts World Birmingham in general. Anything goes and your experience there can be anything you want it to be. Whether it’s a cinema trip and low-key family meal out, a romantic spa day with your other half, or a no-expenses-spared birthday celebration with friends ending up at the casino. Resorts World really does have so much to offer, and all under one roof where you don’t have to dash in the rain between bars or navigate your way through the crowds to get served. Its vibe is so much more relaxed and hassle free in comparison to a ‘night on the town’.

Cocktail Masterclass at High Line New York Bar

After Bottega, the party moved on to High Line New York Bar and Lounge for a Cocktail Masterclass. Inspired by fashionable Manhattan, this bar oozes cool with a sleek bar area, plush leather booths and elegant lighting. Upon entry, you immediately want to indulge in the finer things…Lucky for us, we were about to have some cocktails!

I’ve always wanted to take part in a Cocktail Masterclass, but never had the opportunity before, so I was really looking forward to this! I also definitely needed a few lessons in cocktail making given my hopeless attempt at making Mojitos last New Year’s Eve (mint in your teeth anyone?).

The bar manager who hosted the class was really engaging and got everyone in the spirit (literally) of things. She demonstrated the equipment to us and ran through the techniques required to make the perfect cocktail. We then all took it in turns behind the bar making our cocktail of choice from the New York inspired cocktail menu. I chose the Big Appleberry – a tall fresh berry blend with cognac, grapes, blackberries and raspberries. Apparently I had steady hands and a good technique, so there’s hope for me yet! The cocktail was pretty good too…

We really did have a great time here and I can imagine you could have a lot of fun if you did this as part of a group event for a birthday or hen do. You can book a cocktail masterclass at High Line for up to 15 people for £25 per person.

Venetian Tapas – and more Prosecco!

Afterwards we headed back to Bottega for Venetian Tapas and more Prosecco. The food included a range of cured meats, bread, cheese, crab tapas and tiramisu, which were all superb and tasted so fresh. We left at around 10.30 when the party started to disperse. To be honest, we could’ve stayed for much longer but we both knew that the 6am wake up the next morning would be no fun! (#mumlife) We are however planning to return with our other halves for a bit of a Christmas do, which I’m already pretty excited about.

If you haven’t yet been to Resorts World Birmingham, what are you waiting for?

Resorts World Birmingham

Have you visited Resorts World Birmingham yet? Do you fancy a night out here?

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