A Mediterranean cruise – the perfect family holiday?

Mediterranean cruise

Taking little ones abroad can be quite a challenge. We’ve certainly found that our holidays aren’t quite the relaxing experience they used to be as a couple (oh, the days!). Our holiday earlier this year to Cape Verde in January was a little testing to say the least, and left us questioning if it had all been worth it…Now that Taylor’s getting a little older, we’re hoping that it may start to get easier – but there’s still so much to think about and I feel like the preparation for various holiday scenarios is endless.Mediterranean cruise

The reality of flying with babies and toddlers…

One of the parts that makes me the most anxious is the flight. It seems that no matter how much you try to plan it, your little one will be at the peak of tiredness and irritability just as you board the plane – but of course they will refuse to sleep/ do whatever you had planned for them. Having a screaming child to take care of amidst judgmental looks from other passengers can test even the most patient of us. Hopefully you’ll find a gem of an item that will occupy them for a while (and sometimes you do get lucky!), but usually a stash of food and new toys has its limits.Β 

Our quest for ‘alternative holidays’

Followers of this blog will know that we made a choice to take up sailing at the end of last year and we’ve spent our summer holidays this year at sea. We’ve had some magical moments, but admittedly even that can be quite testing given that Taylor is in a confined space when we’re not on land. We see this venture as something that we’ll keep as a family hobby for years to come and something that hopefully Taylor will grow up to love. We’ve accepted that some years we may not use the boat as much as others, depending on our circumstances (like this next year when we just don’t have the time to maintain it alongside our current joint business ventures), and that’s okay.

Sailing to Salcombe

I’ve recently been considering a Mediterranean cruise as a hassle free alternative. I have to admit that until recently I’ve thought of cruises as something for my parents’ generation, and not really for us. But recent rave reviews fromΒ friends has made me think otherwise. It seems there’s something for everyone, from hen dos to family celebrations and romantic getaways. And it really does appeal to our sense of adventure – I love the idea that you still get to travel and explore new places, without having to actually board a plane. Regardless of the stress that comes with getting Taylor on a flight, I’m quite a nervous flyer myself and will opt for the ocean any day over the sky!

What’s not to love?

Having traveled around Europe in my early twenties, I really don’t think you can beat it for its vast array of culture in such close proximity. From Venice to Barcelona, Athens to Rome; sun-drenches beaches, breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering cuisine…And you can reach all of this with cruises from Southampton. Or for a vaster choice of itineraries and shorter cruises, taking a fly cruise departing from Barcelona, Rome or Genoa.

Hopefully we will get to the Med on our sailing boat one day in the future, but next time we may just take a cruise ship instead!

Have you ever been on a cruise with family? Would you consider a Mediterranean cruise?

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