“Have you seen my phone charger anywhere?”

udoq review - mobile device charger

It’s a question we ask each other far too often in our household.

And if you’re anything like us, you have far too many old USB cables stashed away in draws and you spend way too much time searching for your phone, blaming the other half, the toddler the dog for putting it elsewhere. I also have a particular dislike for various phone chargers plugged in around the house – they just look so messy! And admittedly, I may have vacuumed up a couple of USB cables over the years by mistake…#rubbishhousewife

udoq mobile charger review

I was recently contacted about a brand new product called udoq, which basically provides a unified docking system that works with all mobile devices – so no need for multiple phone chargers around the house! I immediately loved the idea, so was obviously very excited to be one of the first people to try it out (it was only introduced to the market on 12th September with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter).

udoq works by having multiple ports on one smart aluminium display stand, so that you can have various devices charging all at once. It’s compatible with any mobile device of any brand,  so you never have to search for that charger ever again. Or your phone come to think if it, since the udoq stays put. It can also be fully customised and comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the type and number of devices you want to charge.

I was pretty excited when our new package was delivered – all the way from Germany. I particularly love the sleek and simple design of the udoq, which would sit pretty in any home, whatever your interior style. We have ours in our bedroom as the hubby and I tend to charge our phones each evening. But I imagine if you have a larger family, or teenage children, it would be great to keep this in a central area, such as the kitchen or the hallway for the whole family to make use of.

It’s not surprising that the founder and inventor of this most practical product, Marcus Kuchler, is also a family man. As a father of two boys, he was constantly annoyed by the daily search for several charging cables of multiple mobile devices of different brands within his family and craved a simple yet elegant solution for organizing the chaos.udoq review - mobile device charger

The devices we charge in our household are my Samsung Note 4, Mr M’s iPhone 6, and our iPad, so the 400mm length is perfect for us. Each of the udoqs come complete with the four most common connector cables already installed, and additional cables of every type can be purchased and added at any time. The adapters can slide either way within the udoq bar, to make room for devices of different sizes.

One thing to bear in mind when ordering the udoq, is that it doesn’t actually come with a power charger. You can plug it into the USB ports on a computer, or do as I did and purchase a multi USB charger plug from Ebay for around £7. One other point for consideration is that you may have to remove any outer cases from your mobile device in order to connect it to the port in the stand – my Samsung is fine, but the hubby has to remove his case as it’s quite thick.

Overall though, I absolutely love this product and really like that it offers a long-term solution – I’m sure we will use it for many years to come (maybe even when Taylor’s old enough to have a mobile phone of her own??) In my book, any product that combines practicality with style is a winner!

udoq is currently available to buy online with prices starting at around £90.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to own a udoq? Do multiple phone chargers in your house drive you a little mad?

Disclosure: I was sent the udoq in return for an honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own and entirely honest.

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