Your 22 month update – a little late!

22 month toddler development

Sorry, I’m a little late again.

You’ll probably hear that a few times in your lifetime – hopefully you’ll take after your dad and be meticulous about being on time. Unfortunately it’s not one of your mum’s strong points…I dread the days when I have to drop you off at school before the bell, but that’s one for the future. For the time being I’m not doing such a bad job of getting you to nursery before 8.30, which is a good job since you wouldn’t get breakfast otherwise! There’s an incentive if ever I needed one.

sod the housework lets play

Anyways, I digress…you’re almost two!! I can’t believe how fast your time on the planet has gone so far, but really it seems like we’ve always been together. I find it hard now to remember you as anything but the cheeky toddler you are. It suits you, being a toddler. You have the independence to explore to your heart’s content, the curiosity to work things out for yourself, and the intelligence to learn as much as you possibly can. Not forgetting of course that pesky inability to control your emotions, giving you an excuse to throw an almighty tantrum whenever it suits you. 

In all fairness, your tantrums have subsided a little. We still have challenging days, when everything from doing a food shop, to taking Max for a walk and getting you dressed is an ordeal…but I do get days now when you’re really content and an absolute joy. On those days, all you want to do is get involved in everything I’m doing and spend time with me. We now get four days together just the two of us, as Dad works seven days a week at the moment (he misses his time with you so much), and I work three.

I’m trying to make the most of these days I get to spend with you and have our little dedicated play sessions in between our dog walks and other tasks we have to get done. You absolutely love crafts now and there’s nothing that the promise of a collage or painting session can’t solve. I literally have to hide the craft tub as the minute you see it, you want to get everything out! Our craft sessions however do seem to end up with you claiming the role of Chief Glue Squeezer, whilst I’m relegated to the Sticker. I’d be cool with it if you didn’t insist on squeezing out half a tube of glue for one sequin…sometimes I just have to look the other way as it’s not worth the fall out that comes after I prize it from your hand. I definitely have to pick my battles with you, and this isn’t one!

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You still love cleaning by the way, and helping me to tidy up. You love being useful so I find that giving you tasks can help to keep you occupied whilst mum gets some of her ‘household chores’ complete. You have your own hoover which you use alongside mine, and I give you a cloth and an empty bottle of spray if I’m cleaning the bathrooms. You help us tidy up after bath time, carrying your nappy to the bin and putting your clothes in the wash basket. Apparently you’re the same at nursery and help them tidy up after Rhythm Time. I also let you hold Max’s lead when we walk him, mainly because he pulls you along and we get to walk faster! (You are such a ditherer!)

Speaking of Max, you absolutely love him and I think that he is actually starting to love you back – now that he sees you do more than just sleep and cry. It probably helps that you feed him your dinner most nights too. Max is one of the first things you ask for when you wake up in the morning (after Mumma, Dadda and milk) and it’s become a bit of a ritual for you to let him out of his cage each morning. You always give him massive cuddles and kisses, when he lets you and sometimes I catch you telling him off, waving your finger at him and saying ‘No!’ You also copy me when we’re out on walks now and start shouting “MAAAS!” “MAAAS!” (you haven’t mastered your x’s) at the top of your voice the minute he leaves your sight.

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You are generally really affectionate now and will often give me a big smacker out of the blue or come and cuddle me. It’s the best feeling. We always get you into our bed first thing in the morning and you seem to love lying between us with one hand on each of our cheeks. Of course, we find it so cute.

This year you celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night for the first time. We calved a pumpkin together (okay, I calved, you got messy) and you had to go into nursery in fancy dress for Halloween and they threw you a party. We got you a little witches outfit, which you just loved. You get so excited about dressing up and will show off when you know you have something fun or new on, spinning around for us. Unfortunately you lost the hat at nursery so I never got a photo, but I’ve kept the dress and will add it to your memory box. We also went to a fireworks display and fairground on Thursday evening this week. They had a stage with live music and all you wanted was to get to the front and dance. You loved the fireworks for a short while, but you were getting tired by that point.

Some other milestones


You’ve moved up a class at nursery and you seem to love it even more. The room’s a lot bigger with more children (and toys!) and you are always running around, playing with the other kids when I come to pick you up. I also get a kiss goodbye now when I leave you in the morning and when I pick you up, you always want to show me what you’ve been playing with. The nursery teachers say that you’ve settled in really well and always say that you’re a ‘dare devil’ throwing yourself into everything. You also love playing with the dollies there and apparently you steal the wet wipes so that you can change their nappies!

Your vocabulary is getting much bigger and you are starting to put words together now. You understand us so well now and you respond to my questions with yes/no and can follow most instructions. You have words for most things but I struggle to understand your toddler talk sometimes and you get really frustrated and have to show me.

You have just recently started to love books and ask me for them, which makes me happy. You’ve never seemed into our bedtime stories before now.


How you look

Your hair is still growing lots and you have some very sweet curls now. You’re still in 18-24 month old clothes and you’re wearing a size 4G shoe. You have such playful blue eyes and your cheeky grin just gets cheekier.


This is the same every time I write one of these updates and I don’t think you’ll ever change. You’re our little fire cracker – boisterous and into everything. You love being outdoors and running around. You’re fiercely independent and want to do everything yourself. You’re also caring, loving and like to help out.


We’ve been through a patch of you waking up around 5.30 most mornings. I think it’s made worse because you have a bad cough at the moment though. You still go to bed usually between 7-7.30. We got you a quilt and pillow for your cot which you love. You now insist on sleeping with five teddies and have to pass us each one in the morning before we get you out! You’ve become very attached to Bunny and won’t sleep without him. We use a Grow Clock which you are starting to notice more now and point to in the mornings when it’s yellow. Fingers crossed!


You still have a great appetite. Favorites at the moment are Rice Crispies, chicken, brocoli and pasta (not together!). Today I’ve assembled you your own little table and chairs so that you can eat there. I’m planning to do some baking with you later on.

We are so excited about spending Christmas with you again this year and I’m planning your second birthday party as I type this. We’re also visiting Auntie Faye, Uncle Martin and Stanley in the New Year so we have lots to look forward to.

Love you loads,



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