A letter to my daughter for her second birthday

I can’t believe that it’s a year ago since we celebrated your first birthday, and now you’re turning two!

It’s been such a significant year of development for you and I really could go on forever detailing all of your achievements and your milestones over the past year. But I don’t have forever to write this post…I guess I write these updates because I hope one day you’ll read them. Perhaps when you’re a teenager and you’re in a mood with me for one reason or another, you’ll read this post and know how much I love you and always did.

The world is such a crazy place at the moment. It’s a place of uncertainties and instabilities. There seems to be a lot of hatred and terror. There are wars going on where children your age are being killed every day. I guess having you has made me so much more sentimental and compassionate. It’s made me realise what’s important in life and what’s not worth stressing about over. Having you has made me a better person. It’s made me more thankful for the every day.

Yes, not every day with you is a breeze – parenting is hard work and don’t ever let me tell you any different. Some days you are angry and moody and downright difficult. Some days I’m glad to drop you off at nursery so that I can have a break. But those days are so insignificant in comparison to the happiness and love you’ve brought into our lives. Every day you make me laugh out loud. Every day you amaze me with how smart and headstrong you are. As much as you’re a challenge on some days, I wouldn’t change a thing about you and I hope you always haveΒ this fire in your belly – it will take you far in life.

Your dad and I are so proud of the little person you’re growing into. In fact, your feisty, determined and playful character has been the same ever since you were born, but toddlerhood definitely suits you most. You are a lover of life and you throw yourself into everything head on. You love exploring new things, getting up to mischief and becoming more and more independent with each month.

Once you started to walk earlier this year there’s been no stopping you! You hate being restrained in the buggy, the car seat, the supermarket trolley or even the hand are seen as the enemy. You want to run free and be left to your own devices. It’s what can make you a complete horror on some days, but it’s also what makes you so adorable and loveable on others. You are so confident and entertaining and it’s impossible not to grin along with you.Β two years

You’ve always been pretty boisterous and love nothing more than running around outdoors or roughing up your Dad. But as you’ve gotten a little older, you’re also starting to show a more studious, patient side. You now love your bedtime story, singing nursery rhymes (actually you’ve always loved that), and your speech is really starting to come on. Arts and crafts with me are always a winner and you also love your dolly and ‘playing mum’, changing her nappy and rocking her to sleep.

You’re pretty affectionate these days too – it has to be on your terms of course, but when you’re in the right mood, you dish out the kisses and cuddles. Dad is still the favourite and I think you will always be a daddy’s girl, but you do have your moments with me too. Usually when you’re ill, or you’ve hurt yourself, you want your mum. Now that I’m understanding your speech better we can communicate pretty well and your frustrations are less than they were six months ago.

Anyway, I’ve started to ramble on about your development, which I said I wouldn’t do!

Thank you for being you, thank you for being awesome.

Happy second birthday my little munch.

Love you always, Mum x


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    December 15, 2016 at 11:52 am

    I will not cry, I will not cry, oh too late. Lovely Nat, just lovely. x

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