A pirate themed 2nd birthday party….and counting down to Christmas

pink and black pirate theme party

Life has been a little manic of late, so you may have noticed that the blogging has had to go on the back burner (a little) over the past few weeks. It doesn’t happen often, but I haven’t felt like writing much this month and every time I sit down on the sofa of an evening, I fall asleep within minutes! Soz blog.

second birthday party pirate theme

Probably because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends – not just the usual 5am in the morning end, but the past midnight end too (#rockandroll) The weekend for me started on Friday night when I met up with old colleagues at the Cube in Birmingham for a meal and a good old chin wag. My first night ‘out out’ in ages, I sadly had to leave them to it as the clock chimed midnight – I just don’t have the stamina these days!

On the Saturday, I spent the day getting the house ready (i.e. making it look less of a bomb hole) and picking up some last minute bits for Taylor’s birthday party on Sunday before my parents arrived from Nottingham to babysit for the evening. We then headed out for a casual celebration with everyone from the hubby’s company – a few cocktails followed by a curry in Worcester.

Sunday morning was frantic as everyone rushed around preparing for Taylor’s pirate themed party. As last year I decided to host it at our house. At two years old, Taylor doesn’t have a load of friends her age and both mine and the hubby’s families are on the small side, so I wanted to plan something that the adults could enjoy, as well as the kids. I did plan on getting an entertainer, but as usual left it too late (as if they’re booked up three months in advance?!), so it was all pretty casual.pink and black pirate theme partygirls pirate themed party

My mum made a fab pirate cake for Taylor, along with a load of other pirate themed sweet treats, and I themed the house with pink and black pirate decorations. We did a combination of hot and cold food (although I didn’t use a lot of the nibbles in the freezer I’d bought) and the usual party favourites. I also bought Taylor a pink and black pirate princess outfit, which she was made up about! She definitely looked the part.

As I seem to be getting into the habit of, I hardly took any photos of the day – the time just flew by and I was too busy catching up with everyone. What a bad blogger. Luckily friends and family all got a few and I snapped a couple of the aftermath this morning.

Most importantly, Taylor had a fab time causing havoc with her cousins and was spoilt rotten by everyone’s generosity. I think I get more excited than her about having new toys that we can play with together – I don’t know about you, but I do run out of options on some days. We have enough to keep us entertained for months!

I’m getting super excited about Christmas now. Mainly (or wholly) because the hubby finishes work for almost two weeks, and I can’t wait for us to spend some quality time together as a family. It’s been a hectic year with him working seven days a week for a lot of it, and I think both of us just can’t wait to chill out a little. We’re staying with my parents for Christmas and then we’re off to Dubai to stay with my sister and family who live over there. We literally cannot wait!


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