Tips for updating your home this New Year

Tips for updating your home this new year

I love an excuse for a home update, and what better excuse than a New Year? I have to admit that I couldn’t wait to take down the Christmas decorations this year and now I’m itching to make a couple of improvements to our home and refresh some of our rooms. Now that Taylor’s getting older, I’d love to update her room and make it more fun for her. I feel like our bedroom is also in need of an update once spring comes (as its theme is very wintry) and I’d like to introduce more wallpaper and accessories throughout to add some more personality.

If you’re also looking to update your home and give it a new lease of life this year, here’s a few tips to help you out.

Tips for updating your home this new year

Take your time finding the perfect furniture

According to a recent survey about interior design spending, the average person spends around £14,525 on decorating their home. This means that people are willing to spend a little extra to find the perfect products.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find all your furnishings in the most expensive stores but sometimes the best products really are worth splashing out on.

Try looking for great quality sofas or dining tables that will add a touch of class, stand the test of time and make the whole home look brand new.

Take a leap of faith

This year be bold in your choices when updating your home. If you want a new bath get a new bath, if you want to paint your house yellow all over then do it and if you want to change the fittings in your home then do that too.

Try changing out all your radiators for Cast Iron Radiators to completely change the style of a room. Go from a modern to a traditional and classic look in seconds, whilst heating your whole room in the process.

Another thing you can try is painting one wall in your living room or dining room a really bold colour to add a splash of colour to your home. This is a really easy way to give it a whole new look whilst also being low-cost.

invest in key furniture

De-clutter as much as you can

One of my aims this year is to get more organised and sort out all of those draws and cupboards, which quite frankly, have become a little embarrassing. It is everyone’s least favourite activity but without some serious de-cluttering, we would be living in houses filled with things we don’t need, empty boxes and clothes that no longer fit us.

This year update your home by getting rid of anything you don’t need, de-stressing and finding a lot of hidden space you never knew you had.

To do this try working through each room one at a time and then organising what you want to keep, what you don’t need and what you are unsure about. You can always come back to the things you are unsure about.


Learn how to recycle what you have

Recycling doesn’t just mean sorting through your garbage to decide which things need binning and which are compost, tins or paper. It can also mean taking something you no longer need and turning it into something completely new.

If you have any old curtains lying around you can transform them into a pretty nice table cloth. If you have things like old jam jars you can put lights inside them to make them into tea lights or hangings above the kitchen table. These also make great centre pieces and it can be really satisfying re-using items you thought were useless.

The most important part of updating your home is making sure you have as much fun as possible. Don’t let 2017 weigh you down, get out there, update your home and have some fun!

Do you have any plans to update your home this year?

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  1. Julie Nelson
    January 19, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Hello Natalie, I loved your blog. I am very much excited for my home decoration as I am going to shift in a new home next week. And all your tips are very much helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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