5 ways to de-clutter your home (and organise your life!)

de-clutter your home

If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the new year by making some striking changes to your interiors. This means de-cluttering all the mess that’s left behind after 2016, sorting through what can be thrown away and making 2017 clutter free.

I like to think that I’m not too much of a hoarder and can be quite ruthless when it comes to throwing out old clothes that I don’t wear and items I no longer use. However, I can be a little sentimental and I do have my stashes of ‘things I need to sort out later’ – mainly under beds and hidden away in random draws and cupboards. According to a recent study, the average UK home has £3500 of unused clutter sitting around…

5 ways to de-clutter your home

So here’s how you can de-clutter your home and embrace the year ahead with a lot more clarity and organisation. 

1. Figure what’s unnecessary in your house

The easiest way to figure out which are the unnecessary things in your home is to simply spend a day going through them. Set out what you think you need, what you definitely don’t and what you’re unsure about. Once you’ve done this, you can decide what needs to go straight away.

2. Don’t dump the unwanted things in the store cupboard

The last thing you want to do is dump all the things you don’t need in a store room or another room to make the problem worse. This will only create more mess and another job further down the line. Instead, make sure that you throw them out for good – either bin them, recycle them or better still, give them away to charity. 

how to de-clutter your home

3. Organise your wardrobe

I admit that my wardrobe can sometimes get a little out of hand – dresses and jackets end up hanging on top of each other, shoes get piled up across the bottom, and my jumpers and t-shirts get crumpled up at the back of my draws – no wonder I can never find what I’m looking for!

It’s better to take out a little time to organise your wardrobe effectively wherein you can accommodate all the important things that you use on a regular basis. It’s worth investing in various compartments and storage boxes so that you can separate your belts from your bags, your scarves from your shoes…This will make a lot of difference to your bedroom, as well as the time it takes you to get out of the house in a morning!

4. Fix the broken things

There’s no denying that the stuff you have in your house might break from time to time, depending on how you use them. If there’s something that’s broken in your house, either get rid of it as soon as possible, or get it fixed up. The chances are if you haven’t rushed to get something fixed, then you can probably do without it and should throw it out. But for vital items, make sure you get them fixed or replaced asap, otherwise they’ll prove to be a constant bugbear. For example, if your garage door is broken, it may be better to replace it with a new one. This will not only make your driveway look more presentable but will also increase the value of your home.

5. Identify gadgets that you don’t use anymore

If you think that your house has plenty of stuff that you don’t use anymore, then it’s always intelligent to get rid of it. Pay particular attention to gadgets and electronic goods that may have become ‘part of the furniture’ and can easily get overlooked. I know that we definitely have various cables and leads that we’ve accumulated over the years and certainly never use! Check out each and every room for the stuff that you don’t use – you may even be able to sell some of it online and make back some money. 

Are you planning to de-clutter your home? Are you a natural hoarder or do you enjoy having a good clear out?

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