Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit – for pets

Pet monitoring camera and kit

When we first brought home our dog Max as a puppy, we really didn’t like leaving him home alone. Mainly due to the chaos he would cause in the house at that age (memories of chewed up table legs and a pulled down Christmas tree are not fond ones!)…Pet monitoring camera and kit

As he got older (and far better behaved) we worried less about the state we would find the house in, but the feeling of guilt when leaving him home alone never really went away. We’re lucky that we don’t often have to leave him for hours at a time as the hubby can take him to work and I only work part-time, but of course sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit for pets

I was recently contacted about the new Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit for pets, launched in conjunction with Petplan Pet Insurance. The kit enables pet owners to see what their pet is getting up to at home – all from their smart phone or tablet. It includes an indoor camera with temperature sensor and night vision, a smart plug, door sensor and an SD card to record and share your pet’s activity.Pet-camera-kitPanasonic-home-monitoring-kit-for-pets

I love the idea of this – even if it is just because I’m so curious about what Max gets up to when we’re not around! I’m pretty sure he probably sleeps most of the day in his bed, but I know for a fact that he mooches around the house (and on our bed!) when I forget to close the bedroom doors. He also has a tendency to take all of the scatter cushions off of our sofa, which I think is out of frustration. I’d love to know if he does this as soon as we leave him, or if it’s later on in the day as a result of restlessness and loneliness.

We have our own reasons for not rushing to get a second dog anytime soon, but these kits would also be great for animal lovers with multiple pets. Perhaps you want to see how all of your pets get along when you’re not present -especially when first introducing a new pet into the family. Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit

Keep your dog company – even in your absence

In addition to being able to view your pet, the Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit for pets helps you to manage your pet’s well-being. Via the Smart Plug, you can switch on a lamp, radio or heater from your smartphone throughout the day to help keep them content and comfortable. This could be particularly useful for pets who suffer from separation anxiety or who really struggle with being left alone.

Another helpful feature is the door sensor which enables you to see if your pet has left a room, or if people have entered. Perfect for seeing when your dog walker or cat sitter comes and goes, and for giving you piece of mind that your pet is being well cared for in your absence.

Are you a pet owner? Would you use the Panasonic Home Monitoring Kit for pets?

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Petplan


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