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6 daily habits for a cleaner house

Don’t think that I’m purporting to be a domestic goddess here. In fact I’m quite the opposite and prefer to keep house cleaning to an absolute minimum – I loathe it! It wasn’t always this way and I remember having all of these visions about how spotless my house was going to be once I gave up my full-time job, went on maternity leave and would have more time. Then I gave birth and realised I’d been completely deluded. Joker.

Two years later and I’ve given up on those ‘deep cleans’ that used to take me the best part of a day. I guess I got fed up of having a baby – now toddler – creating yet more chaos right behind me. That and the need for some sort of recognition from the hubby as soon as he walked through the door – and the irrational anger that followed when I realised he hadn’t even noticed. It all felt a little self-defeating.

So these days I prefer to have a ‘quick spruce’ or a ‘dash around’. Bathrooms get a five minute ‘wipe over’ and the kitchen gets a speedy ‘going over’. Sometimes I even time myself and take great delight in knowing that I’ve managed to ‘clean’ my house in 15 minutes flat – and nobody knows but me…

Of course, sometimes those ‘deep cleans’ can’t be avoided (at least not forever), but I just don’t wantย to be doing them every week. After all, there’s more important things in life than house chores. Read on for the six tasks I complete each day for a cleaner home – I’ve also produced a short vlog over on our YouTube channel if you prefer to watch the video.

Happy cleaning!

In the morning…

1. Make the beds

We all know what it’s like getting home to a house with unmade beds. It goes without saying that making your beds will instantly make your bedrooms feel tidy and leave you feeling ready to face the day ahead (as opposed to wanting to crawl back in and go back to sleep!)

2. Wipe clean your sinks

Bathrooms can quickly look grimy after one day – especially if they’re used by the whole family. Once everyone’s showered, washed and teeth cleaned, spray your sinks with bathroom cleaner and give them a quick wipe over. It will make the world of difference and also prevent the build up of limescale.

waterfall tap in natural stone bathroom

3. Use a squeegee on your shower screen

We have a slate wet room in our house with a large glass shower screen. I was getting tired of unsightly water marks left behind each day so we now have a rule that whoever’s last in the shower has to use a squeegee. As a result, the shower looks so much cleaner every day and also makes my ‘big clean’ of the bathroom a lot easier.

In the evening…

4. Sweep your floors

Ideally I prefer to vacuum every evening for a cleaner home, but with a small tot in bed it’s not always practical by the time I get around to it. I have a microfiber sweeping brush which picks up the majorityย of those crumbs and raisins strewn across the house during the day – not to mention the dog hair from our cocker spaniel. We have hard floors throughout most of our living areas so this ensures I can keep on top of the dust in between vacuums.

5. Put on a laundry wash

Out of all of the ‘chores’ around the house, my least favourite is ‘doing the laundry’. Over time I’ve learnt that the best time to put on a wash is during the evening, so that I can hang it on the clothes horse before going to bed and have it dry for the morning.

6 daily habits for a cleaner home

6. Load the dishwasher

We all know how unpleasant it is to enter the kitchen in the morning and remember that you didn’t (i.e. couldn’t be arsed) to do the dishes the night before. Just don’t do it! If you have a dishwasher, load it, if you don’t then do the washing up and wipe down the kitchen sides – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

What’s your routine for a cleaner home? Do you have a ‘cleaning hack’ that you couldn’t do without?

This is a collaborative post.ย The team at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their #HomeHacks campaign, designed to reveal the best tips and tricks of some of the Midlandsโ€™ top bloggers.

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