Stylish buys for the home with kids

stylish furniture for the nursery

It can often seem like the toys are taking over in our house and it can definitely be a challenge trying to keep our house looking stylish when we have an array of neon constantly dotted all over the place…

Now that we’re over two years in, there are a few things I wish we would’ve thought about when buying items for the toddler. In the past I’ve just bought whatever looks practical, or I think she’ll like. But in hindsight, I wish we gave a little more thought to how long items actually last and what will fit in with the rest of our decor.

stylish furniture for the nursery

Up until now I haven’t been much of a toy snob…but there’s something about wooden toys which is so much more appealing than the plastic neon currently strew across our floors.

We do have a combination of wooden and plastic in our house and don’t get me wrong, if Taylor seems to favour a particular plastic toy over wooden, then who am I to decide that she can’t have it? I’m not the toy police. But when it comes to bigger items that are going to become part of the furniture, I think it’s definitely worth investing in wood.

In terms of furniture, I love the scandanavian style which I think is modern, yet timeless. The pastel colours and clean lines of the Flexa range at House of Fraser is absolutely gorgeous and I hope that we’ll be able to upgrade to some of these items in the future (we need to get saving!).

I also think that storage is so important to stash away the toys and keep the house looking presentable. Having a place for everything is a must if you want to maintain a sense of order and prevent your house getting overrun by complete chaos (at least by the time dad gets home…)

So, here are some of my favourite stylish home buys for kids. stylish home buys for kids


Stylish home buys for kids – shop the look

Nursery high chair – £184 House of Fraser

Grey striped storage basket – £2.99 – £5.99 Dunhelm Mill

Play cot bed – £339, House of Fraser

Yellow play table – £76 House of Fraser

Play kitchen £65 IKEA

Harriet Hare cotbed set – £65 House of Fraser

Grey zigzag drum – £50 Next

Blackboard easel – £16 IKEA

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Do you think about style when buying items for the kids?

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