20 week scan and finding out the gender

20 week scan

I can’t believe that we have our 20 week scan tomorrow. I know I keep saying it, but this pregnancy really is flying by! My previous nerves and apprehensions are starting to subside and thanks to baby kicks this week (and a growing bulge!), I’m finally starting to believe and feel like I’m actually pregnant.

20 week scan

This has also been a result of our house hunting quest coming to an end this week as we had our offer accepted on our (hopefully!) future home. Obviously growing our family has played a large part in our decision to move at this time, and we’re hoping that we’ll be in our new house before baby no.2 is expected in July. Of course anything can happen when buying a house in England and nothing is a given, but finding what we hope will be our forever home (well, at least 10 years), has resulted in many conversations about ‘the kids’ and their future. More on our house hunting soon…

On finding out the gender…

We’ve decided that we do want to find out the gender at our 20 week scan. I wasn’t sure at first, since we also found out with Taylor and I thought perhaps we should try and wait this time…But to be honest I feel really excited about it now that we’ve made the decision. It also means that if we are having a boy, then I won’t be pointlessly moving all of those bin liners full of ‘girls stuff’ when we move house. I know that the surprise of waiting must be an ace feeling, but I think for me, giving birth to a baby is a surprise enough! It’s still a lovely surprise when finding out the gender at the scan too – just 20 weeks earlier. Hats off to all of those couples who manage to wait the whole nine months, I think we’re just far too impatient!

Of course I really don’t have a preference on gender. And of course I’m going to say that. But honestly, I actually don’t. If I’m honest, when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor deep down I think I secretly hoped for a girl. I’m not sure if it was for any other reason than I was used to growing up around women and the men have always been outnumbered in our family. The idea of having a baby boy felt much more alien to me. But now that I have my girl, a little sister or a brother would be equally exciting for different reasons.

The hubby is convinced we’re having a boy. My instinct tells me it’s a girl – for the simple reason that this pregnancy feels very similar to my first one. But then I don’t really believe that you can tell at all and think that the whole theory of ‘feeling and carrying differently’ with a different gender is a load of rubbish…we shall see!

I will of course be updating once we know, so watch this space!

Did you find out the gender at your 20 week scan, or did you wait? Did you feel different being pregnant with a girl than with a boy?


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