March: Being mindful, a baby boy, and life overwhelm

gender reveal

I don’t know about you, but for me March seems to have absolutely flown by! In fact, this year generally is going so fast. Great in one way because we have so much to look forward to with a new baby and moving to a new city, but also a little scary as I never seem to have enough time!

But I do love this time of year and we’ve had a great month on the whole…


A baby boy!

We found out that we’re having a boy! Honestly it took a bit to get my head into it (I don’t know why but I really thought we were having a girl!), but I’m super excited about having one of each.

Taylor seems to get on really well with boys generally (should I be worried?!) and I think she will LOVE having a baby brother – at least once he becomes fun! I did feel a little sad sorting through our girls clothes though – I think I always thought I would be reusing them…Never say never I guess, but we aren’t planning on a third! I am secretly looking forward to browsing (buying lots of) the cute boys’ outfits now though…

gender reveal

Being mindful

Since giving up work full time (before having Taylor), I’ve certainly become a lot more mindful of my environment and appreciate the little things so much more. One thing I really appreciate is the change in seasons and we’ve had some lovely walks in the Spring sunshine this month. It’s so special having a toddler who points out all that’s beautiful – ‘flowers’, ‘ducks’, ‘sunshine’…and I even managed to get my washing hung outside for the first time since last summer! #rocknroll

A Mother’s Day treat

We had such a lovely Mother’s Day last weekend. My parents came around and the hubby cooked us a lamb roast, whilst I prepared the starter and a baked raspberry cheesecake for dessert. It was ace to spend some quality time with my mum who has been out of the country a fair bit (lucky her!) over the last few months. I also got flowers and a card from Taylor (which was pretty good going from the hubby – yes, really!)…

Life overwhelm

I started working three days a week from last autumn. As a result, I really enjoy those two week days that I have off with Taylor so much more and try to have fun with her with a planned activity either out of the house or at home. As a result, the housework has gone on the back burner… I’ve been managing to ‘just about’ keep on top of it, but admit that it is falling by the wayside – cleaning the windows this week (miracle) meant that the usual tasks just didn’t get done…

On top of the general running of the household, working, blogging, being pregnant and keeping our toddler alive (and happy!), I have soooo much to sort out with our forthcoming house move. I do feel like I’m scrambling uphill at the minute and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed – introducing meal planning and being more productive with work has definitely helped, but I still don’t have enough hours.ย I’m seriously considering getting a cleaner until I’m back on maternity leave. Watch this space!

Beauty and the Beast

Playdatesย with friends

I’ve had a pretty social month in comparison to my usual record since becoming a mum! I had a great toddler free night at the cinema watching Beaty and the Beast with a mate – would definitely recommend it! The hubby and I also had a babysitter and went out with friends for a meal in Worcester which was a real treat (#designateddriver) and I met up with another old friend at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire last week. I’m making the most of it before those sleepless nights return!

What did you get up to this month? Do you ever to stop to appreciate the little things?

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    April 7, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Where are you moving to Nat? Will you still be Mum in Brum?!
    Good luck in any case! X

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