Pregnancy at 25 weeks – an update

Pregnancy at 25 weeks

Bloody hell. We’re in April and apparently I’ll be giving birth to our second child in just over three months time. Eeek! Not sure where that first six months went (mostly running around after a toddler actually)…

I know I was saying previously that I haven’t felt that different during this pregnancy from my first. But that was around week 20 and now I feel a whole load of difference!

My pregnancy at 25 weeks…

Pregnancy at 25 weeks

Bump progress

For starters I’m pretty sure I’m A LOT bigger now…I actually worry that I still have 15 weeks of growing to go! Also, I’m not sure if I’m just a lot less fit this time (likely), but everything seems to hurt. Like generally just moving is an effort. Every time I sneeze it seems to dislodge something in my back, coughing hurts my ribs. I’m also feeling a lot more uncomfortable and starting to get twitchy and irritable…Yes I am constantly whinging and I don’t care.


I haven’t had any cravings per se…I literally just want to eat. Everything. The more carbs the better. Yes my midwife tells me that I don’t have to eat for two yardy, yardy yah…but I’m just so hungry all the time and feel like I deserve the odd (daily) treat since, after all, I am growing aΒ new life. I am also trying to stick to my five a day, but just like to throw in the odd cream cake in between…You will mostly find me hiding in the kitchen trying to eat a cookie or a packet of Pom Bears before Taylor catches me. I also seem to have gone all retro and can’t get enough of ham and cheese toasties for lunch!

ham and cheese toastie

General health

Not wanting to come across like a big fat whinge here, but I’ve had my fair share of illnesses this pregnancy and I’m quite frankly a bit sick of them. From water infections and sickness bugs to sore throats and general colds, I just can’t seem to strengthen my immune system (#lesscarbsmorefruit) and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel 100% fit. Whatever bug Taylor brings home from nursery I seem to catch…currently battling another cold which I’m hoping will be the end of it.


I’m loving the comforting movements of baby on a daily basis now (usually whenever I eat). We’re getting a few strange shapes, but all of the movements are really low down, which is different from Taylor who often gave me a kick in the ribs. I’m pretty sure he’s using my bladder as a cushion though as I’ve had so many occasions when I’m suddenly desperate to wee!

It seems like I’ve hardly had any midwife appointments this time around. In fact, I’ve met mine once and seen one other a second time. I’m actually looking forward to more regular appointments after 28 weeks – it will be reassuring to keep a regular check on baby.

Looking forward to…

This week I’m planning to get the umpteen bags of Taylor’s old clothes down from our loft and have a good sort out! I’m also really looking forward to planning baby boy’s bedroom, which will also coincide with a new more ‘grown up’ toddler bedroom and bed for Taylor once we move into our new home.

It’s nice to feel so much more relaxed and clued up about what to expect this time around – there’s a lot of items that I won’t be buying for our second child, but also some that I will most definitely be investing in for an easier life (i.e. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine)…

How did you find pregnancy at 25 weeks?


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