How to help prevent tantrums on holiday

family holiday

Are you thinking about heading off on holiday for an adventure in the coming weeks or months? Family trips are a fantastic way of building memories which’ll last a lifetime – but as all parents know, taking the kids on holiday does come with some trials and tribulations! However, a little preparation and forward planning can really help to prevent your kids from acting up on holiday…

family holiday

Take entertainment systems

Long journeys and queueing don’t always mix well with active, easily bored kids, so it’s worth taking a stash of things to entertain them wherever you go.

From colouring books and iPads, to toys which can keep your tots entertained for hours on a plane, there are plenty of devices out there that will help entertain your kids on holiday. Because even the adults deserve a little respite and time to themselves! And for when you get (really) desperate, remember that even something as simple as a good old-fashioned game of I Spy has the power to avert a meltdown!

Keep a stash of snacks

If your tot is anything like ours, you’ll know that sometimes only food will do! Make sure you carry plenty of healthy snacks (you know, like chocolate buttons and Pom Bears…) to present whenever times get a little desperateYou’ll want to make sure empty tummies don’t translate into bad behaviour…But do remember that lots of sugar can cause your kids to get super hyper – so do try to opt for fruit and healthier options whenever you can. 

Give them some control

Whilst you obviously can’t let the little ones dictate exactly what will happen and when, handing them additional powers will go a long way to stopping their more turbulent characteristics from becoming a problem.

Let them have a say in where you intend to go on a day out. Their vote doesn’t have to be an all-powerful one – simply carrying the same weight as your own. Even if they don’t get their way, feeling part of the decision-making process will help them feel respected and dissuade them from acting up on your trip out.

Implement safety measures

Nothing is more important than working out how to keep your children safe when travelling abroad. If you have a child who can be pretty defiant (don’t we all?), it’s all the more important you enforce safety measures to ensure they don’t get themselves into trouble.

This will be dependent upon their age and can be anything as simple as assigning a designated meeting spot for every day out, to running them through an entire safety training programme. It really depends on how much information you feel your child needs to stay out of danger.

kids on holiday

Have a plan

Having a plan in place when it comes to your travels should theoretically make any bad behaviour somewhat less impactful. While there’s always the risk of your holiday being disrupted if your child acts up, having a set schedule prior to travelling should mean the flow isn’t disrupted too badly.

You can use online planning tools to craft the perfect holiday. Even if your little ones do decide to cause a scene, at least you’ll know where you’re headed and what’s next on the agenda.

For more tips, check out our article on how to have a relaxing family holiday or what we learnt when we took our baby abroad for the first time.

What did you learn when taking your kids on holiday? Do you have any other tips to add here?

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