How to add personality to your family home

coloured sofa in home

As we plan our move into our ‘forever home’ over the next couple of months, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the decorating and interiors. I’m super excited about having a whole new blank canvas to work on and really want to make it into ‘our home’ that reflects our personalities and our life as a family.

add personality to your family home

When we moved into our current home it was in desperate need of renovating which we tackled probably a little too hastily. I was pregnant then too and wanted to get the house to a comfortable state before Taylor’s arrival.

I don’t regret any of our design decisions, but we were a little burnt out afterwards which meant that we never actually got around to completely ‘finishing it’. Those finishing touches that we would ‘sort our later’ never really happened. We also knew deep down that we wouldn’t live in it for years to come, so we weren’t keen to invest time and money on an endless basis.

So here’s some of my plans and things you may want to consider if you want to add personality to your family home.

Choose unique accessories

An outfit can be transformed with a few accessories and our homes are the same. From wall art to lighting, cushions, plants and decorative ornaments, accessories are a must for adding individual character to your interior style. Opt for unique designs and items that you fall in love with. Browse your local charity stores or check out online stores such as Zurleys for quirky and quality items at lower prices than you’ll find on the high street.

Be bold with colour

The easiest way to add personality to your family home is by adding colour. Designate a feature wall that you can repaint whenever you get the urge for an update, or opt for stylish wallpaper. If you prefer your walls neutral, take some inspiration from the Scandi style and inject colour through greenery and potted plans (green is also 2017 Pantone colour of the year). Also consider more creative ways to add colour such as through a bold sofa, bright bar stools, or a coloured splash back in the kitchen.

coloured sofa in home

Opt for patterns

If you prefer neutral walls, adding pattern and texture throughout your textiles is a great way of achieving an individual overall look. I’m personally a huge fan of bold patterned sofa cushions, rugs and bedding. These types of items can also be replaced with each season, to provide a low-cost style update

Invest in timeless furniture

For those items that you’ll have for years to come (think beds, side tables, sideboards), it’s definitely worth investing in top quality pieces. This is a lesson we’ve learnt over the years…Natural materials such as oak will stand the test of time and will still look stylish in years to come.

Add personalised touches

Thanks to the likes of online stores such as Etsy and Not On The High Street, there’s a huge range of personalised products now available for the home. From family name wall prints and cushion covers to framing your kids’ artwork, it’s easy to add your own stamp to your home. Getting creative with a gallery wall is also a stylish way of presenting all of those family memories. (Check out ours here)

Go for statement lighting

Statement lighting can add an instant ‘wow factor’ to any room. Whether it’s a grand chandelier or a funky floor lamp, it’s definitely worth investing in your lighting since you’ll have it for years to come. We bought our statement chandelier in our kitchen/diner from John Lewis and it will definitely be coming with us to our next home!

What’s your signature style? Are you brave when it comes to designing your interiors or do you prefer to ‘play safe?’

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