April: A London break, house move nerves and (finally) a mummy’s girl

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With baby number two and a big house move planned for summer, I have an ongoing sense of ‘the calm before the storm’ at the minute. I’m trying to enjoy these last couple of months before my world is turned upside down and I become a stay at home mum once again – this time in a new house and a new city.

But I don’t mind change,Β in fact I love it and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying these months of stability and routine while they last.

lifestyle blog

A London break

For the hubby’s birthday I took him away for the weekend to London. I say took him away as I was able to treat us from my earnings from the blog – which was a good feeling. I’m not sure I’ll ever earn a ‘full-time salary’ from blogging, but at least I can enjoy all of the hard-earned perks and the financial rewards that do come from it.

This was our first weekend away as a couple since we had Taylor and it also felt like a bit of a ‘babymoon’. We stayed in South Place Hotel which was fantastic and we had amazing sunshine the whole weekend (remember that one?). I also made the most of shopping without a toddler on Oxford Street and bought a few new purchases, including these shoes which fit like a dream! The whole trip really was worth every penny.

Office pink brogues

House move nerves

Due to pretty awful solicitors and a fairly large chain, the completion date for the move into our forever home still isn’t confirmed. We’re actually still pushing for the exchange. It’s seemed like a long time coming and each day I worry that somethings going to go tits up – compounded by the fact that the first time buyers at the bottom of the chain keep threatening to pull out and those at the top are understandably in no rush…fingers crossed!

Finally I get my Mummy’s Girl

Taylor’s toddler tantrums are something else at the moment. I can literally walk around/ step over her and ignore my little snotty screaming bundle for up to an hour and she will still be ‘going for it’…Yesterday it’s because I wouldn’t lift her up to fill up her own water bottle at the sink and did it for her instead (wish I’d never picked that battle!)

But alongside these horror episodes, she’s such a sweet little thing and becomes more loving every day. She often comes up to me and holds my face in between her little hands before giving me a big smacker. She’ll randomly hug my legs and will help me get ready in the mornings, bringing me my shoes, coat and helping to brush my hair (or at least trying to!).

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Taylor has always been a Daddy’s girl, but the tides have finally turned and she seems so attached to me right now. She likes to take me around the house and if Daddy ever leaves me out of a conversation (“Would you like to come to soft play with Daddy?”) she’ll instantly put him straight, exclaiming ‘And Mummy!’

I do feel a little bad for the hubby, but I think my turn as the favourite is well overdue πŸ™‚

A cleaner – the best investment ever?

Back in my March update I wrote about how I was getting a little overwhelmed with life right now trying to work part-time, look after a toddler, maintain a blog and keep on top of our house – all whilst pregnant and planning for a new baby and a house move. And yes, I know that my mum has and many other women manage it every day, but I had an epiphany this month and decided to hire a cleaner.

The thing is, I refuse to blog whilst Taylor’s awake (at least at the moment whilst she still has her afternoon naps), which means that I blog whilst I should actually be cleaning…which then leaves me annoyed that my house isn’t as clean as I’d like it to be. So I figured that if the blog earns money, the best things it can pay for is a cleaner. This will have to change once I go back on maternity leave. But for now, I’m way more excited about it than I should admit!

What have you been up to in April?Β 

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