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simply cook review

A good friend recently sent me a link to Simply Cook (this is not a sponsored post btw, I just had to share it!). I’ve looked into recipe boxes before, but have always been put off by the cost. I also felt that ordering a box of individual ingredients was a little unnecessary, considering I still need to do a weekly food shop regardless.

Simply Cook works differently. Their boxes contain a handful of easy to follow recipes, each with its own set of spices, pastes, and garnishes. You then just add 4-6 items of fresh ingredients from your own fridge.

The boxes are mailbox sized, so can be delivered when you’re out of the house and as I was recommended by a friend, my first box only cost me £1! So I thought, Why not?

simply cook review

Manic meal times…

Like most families, meal times in our house are often manic. Especially on those days when I’m at work and Taylor’s at nursery. Often we don’t walk through the front door until gone 6pm when I have to frantically throw something together for a very stroppy toddler.

Whilst she’s eating I’ll have a mad dash around the house to clear up the chaos from the morning and pray that dad will be back for bath time…So that I can hastily prepare our meal to eat after Taylor’s gone to bed.

This means that we often don’t eat until gone 8pm, and I’m in the habit of just throwing together whatever’s quick to make. Until recently we’ve been having the same meals week in, week out, and my passion for cooking plummeted.

Introducing meal planning and going back to online food shopping at the beginning of this year has definitely helped, but I’m always open to new ways I can make life easier for me us.


simply cook red thai curry

Simply Cook trial boxes for £3 (or just £1!)

The Simply Cook boxes usually cost £8.99 for four meals, but you can currently get your first trial box for £3 through a pop up on the website. You can also use this referral link to claim your first box for just £1:

You can choose from four trial boxes:

Discovery – Dishes selected from over 50 of Simply Cook’s recipes

Light box – The healthiest, low-calorie recipes

Gluten free box – Over 40 gluten free recipes

Vegetarian – Healthy vegetarian dishes


You then have the option to make a couple of choices. For example, you can choose not to have fish dishes sent. We went for the Discovery Box and I have to say, I was a tad excited when I got home to its arrival!

Our verdict

So far we’ve tried the Malay Laksa and the Bokkeombap. We’re big into Asian food, so these recipes have both been right up our street! As promised, they were both delicious and took me less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

I like that I can cook meals that are different from my usual repertoire, without having to search out unusual ingredients and illusive spices. The recipes are so easy to follow and I also like having a bit of free-reign over the ingredients and quantities I add.

simply cook recipe card

So far we’ve had one dish each week and they’re proving a real treat. Both from a hassle-free perspective and from the novelty of trying something completely new.

If you’re looking to make your meal times easier and tastier, I’d definitely recommend giving these a go. Also, you’re not tied into a subscription, so you can cancel at any time!

This is not a sponsored post, I just really rate Simple Cook!

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