30 weeks pregnant – An update

30 weeks pregnant

It seems as though we’re approaching a big milestone now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant. I really can’t believe we only have ten(ish) weeks to go! As expected, I’ve experienced some big changes since my last update at 25 weeks…

30 weeks pregnant

Bump progress

Well, I feel HUGE, but according to my midwife, I was measuring small at my 28 week appointment. They sent me on for a growth scan to double check and although I’ve measured within the ‘usual parameters’, in comparison to my 20 week measurements I’m not where I should be. So they want to do another scan in another week. I had a similar situation with my first pregnancy, so I’m sure everything’s fine.

Luckily my hip pain seems to have subsided! Probably because I’ve succumbed to waddling at a snail’s pace! Thankfully Taylor has also become a (little) less demanding for ‘cuddles!’ (which basically means she wants carrying).


I’ve made a bit more effort this past month to eat a healthier diet after my carb binge during the second trimester (okay and the first). At least all of the Easter Eggs have now gone! Still no bizarre cravings, I just don’t think I get these.

General health

I’m feeling sooo much better now than I was last month. Apparently I still have a water infection, but I’m not symptomatic so at least I can pee pain free. I was told it’s likely related to the Group B Strep infection I’m carrying and I’m just waiting to hear back whether I need to take yet another course of antibiotics. Apparently the guidance is not to treat it unless there’s symptoms, but the assessment unit at the hospital last week thought perhaps I should be treated again…


Baby is so active! They told me at the scan last week that he’s head down and really low – which explains why it feels as though he’s sleeping on top of my bladder! His movements are so pronounced and it really does feel as though he’s running out of room in there. It often hurts and feels as though he’s trying to break out! He tends to sleep in the day and come to life just as I decide to go to bed…So I can guess what we have in store.

Looking forward to…

Since my earlier fears, I’m getting super excited about baby’s arrival. I’m actually feeling pretty relaxed all of a sudden and I’m looking forward to the newborn days again – which I didn’t enjoy at all the first time around. At least I know what to expect this time and I’ll have more confidence in my own intuition. I loved this post by Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap which is all about how she’s been a better, more relaxed version of herself second time around.

I wrote a post when Taylor was six months old about the things I wouldn’t be doing if I was to have a second child. They definitely all still apply!

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  1. New Mummy Blog
    May 6, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Hope the next scan goes ok! It is such an exciting time, I agree, it sounds like you’re doing well and baby is too. X
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