15 Pregnancy perks to make the most of (whilst you can!)

pregnancy perks to make the most of

At 31 weeks pregnant, I’m now at that mahoosive stage where I’m starting to feel pretty fed up and it’s difficult to appreciate the pregnancy perks…Any woman who has ever had a baby is all too familiar with that constant feeling of discomfort and irritability that is the joy of the third trimester.

Of course, some women love being pregnant and they outwardly ‘glow’. I’m not one of those women. Even though both of my (successful) pregnancies on the whole haven’t been so bad, I’ve always viewed pregnancy as simply a means to an end; nine months I need to get through until I can hold my new baby in my arms and start to get back to feeling like ‘me’ again.

pregnancy perks to make the most of

However, even I can admit that there are definitely some perks that come with having a prominent late-pregnancy bump…and I’m planning to make the most of them before I lose my esteemed ‘precious pregnant lady’ status once again.

15 pregnancy perks to make the most of…

1. You can have child-like tantrums on a daily basis and people will just put it down to ‘hormones’

2. You only have three outfits to choose between each day. And one of them is your PJs

3. For once, people give your trolley right of way in the supermarket – and enough space to get a tanker through

4. You no longer have to make up elaborate excuses to get out of  attending that event. You’re just too tired, too sick, not quite feeling up to it…

5. For the first time ever people constantly tell you that you should take it easy and get some rest

6. Nobody will judge you for stuffing your face at every opportunity. Can’t choose between desserts? Have both – you’re eating for two!

7. You don’t have to feel bad about taking that last seat on the tube/bus/train, you deserve this!

8. The usually grumpy cashier at your local store decides to not only smile at you for the first time in five years, but engage in cheerful conversation about your due date, her children, her children’s children…

9. No periods for nine months!

10. You don’t have to hold in your tummy after that three course meal. People just assume the food baby is actual baby

pregnancy perks to make the most of

11. People tell you that you’re ‘looking really well’ on a daily basis. Even though you feel like crap

12. Your hair and nails grow quicker and seem a lot stronger than usual. Is now the time to admit that I’m currently washing my hair just once a week??

13. Antenatal appointments give you the perfect excuse to leave the office…

14. You will never have to be the designated driver again. Ever

15. The nesting instinct is real! Make the most of it to sort out those cluttered draws, set up your nursery or (as I did) renovate your entire kitchen!

16. You can take delight from the green faces the morning after – for once, it’s not you with the hangover!

What pregnancy perks would you add?

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Above image source

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