32 weeks pregnant (“not long now!”)

32 weeks pregnant

Now that we’re on the home straight at 32 weeks pregnant, I’ve decided to write these updates every fortnight – because every week there’s a new development! Since my 30 week update, bump seems to have taken on a life of its own and friends/family/strangers at the park all keep reminding me that there’s “not long now!”


Being 32 weeks pregnant…


No longer really feels like a bump, more like an actual baby strapped to my torso. Only he’s on the inside and constantly scrambling to find a way out! I was sent for another growth scan last week and they confirmed that baby is now within the expected measurements. In fact he was right at the top of that little graph area they use. They confirmed that he’s still sitting extremely low, which me and my bladder are already fully aware of…

General health

Aside from being generally out of puff and having just one gear (“slow down would you?!”), I’m feeling pretty good at the minute. In fact, this third trimester has been by far the best this time around. I can also feel that good ol’ nesting instinct kicking in and I’m on a mission to ‘get shit sorted’ before baby’s arrival. I have lists coming out of my ears and I simply can’t sit still right now.

32 weeks pregnant


Baby continues to be super active and is throwing all sorts of shapes in there! Because he’s sitting so low, most of his movements leave me feeling a little queazy. His downward movements have honestly left me in fear that I’m going into labour! I’m also pretty sure he’s made a water bed out of my bladder, leaving me dashing to the toilet for every thimble of wee. I feel like he wants out and I have a feeling that labour will either come early (hopefully not) or be pretty quick (hopefully).

We still don’t have a name! I think we may be meeting him before we decide…

Looking forward to…

We finally have our moving date!! We’re set to complete on 23rd June when we’ll be moving to Worcester. This week I took Taylor to the pre-school she’ll be attending from September and she loved it, which was a relief! I leave work mid-June so will have a bit of time to pack up our house and (I’m hoping) enough time to get our new house in order before baby’s arrival.


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