May: Sunshine, family time and preparing for our big move

I love how, in Britain, when the sun comes out we fully embrace it! Sunny days are when memories are made and we all seem so much happier (i.e. mad for it) when the weather heats up! It’s one of the things I love about being British. I really don’t think the majority of this month has been sunshine and blue skies, but following the glorious weather last week, that’s really all I can remember! Hence the title of this post…

Aside from making the most of the outdoors, this month has mostly been about ‘getting things sorted’ in anticipation of our move to Worcester next month and the arrival of our baby boy in July. I’ve also been really busy trying to get things wrapped up at work since I’m due to go on maternity leave in two weeks time…exciting times ahead.

Finally, a moving date!

Following ongoing calls to solicitors, forms to fill in, funds to prove and the general headaches that come with purchasing a property, we finally have a confirmed moving date. Everyone in our chain has now exchanged contracts and we’re due to move at the end of June. It’s so nice to be able to start planning ahead and (hopefully) I’ll have a few weeks to set up our new house before the baby arrives. I haven’t started packing much up yet – mainly because we’re waiting for boxes to arrive from the removal company…who I haven’t yet booked! #anotheroneforthelist

A bank holiday barbecue

We had my parents come and stay with us over the bank holiday weekend just gone. The weather was fabulous on Sunday so of course we had to have a barbecue! It was so nice having a lazy day in the sunshine and having the hubby around for two days. Taylor LOVES being outdoors (I think she would actually sleep in her wendy house if we let her!) and she had such fun just splashing around and playing with her sand pit. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to have many more days like this to come…

Growing our own (again!)

Since finding my green fingers and growing our own last summer, I’ve set up on this endeavor once again. I find the whole process so satisfying and good for the soul! We’ve got a green house at our new house which I got far too excited about when I first planted the seeds. I wasn’t expecting so many of them to germinate but I’ve now got (wait for it…) 41 plants!!! The hubby thinks I’m mad since we’re going to have to transport them all in the move, but I’m sure he won’t be complaining once we have enough tomatoes, peppers and chilis to last us the entire summer!

growing your own


A new pre-school

With all of the massive life changes we’re about to make, I’ve been a little nervous about how they’re going to affect Taylor. At two years, five months she’s at that stage where she’s pretty set in her ways and knows her various environments. She loves her current nursery, has formed strong friendships and is really attached to her key worker so I am a little sad to be taking her out of there. Especially when she’s going to be taken to an unfamiliar home and have a new baby to share me with

However, one of the major attractions for us when buying our new house was the excellent rated primary school across the road which also has a pre-school. The pre-school is much smaller with a very different set up from Taylor’s current nursery. I took her last week and after an initial ten minutes of wanting to hold my hand she got involved and loved it! It was a big relief seeing her have so much fun and interact with the other kids. As they say, children are adaptable and I’m hoping that with mummy and daddy as her constants, she’ll adjust to her new way of life. Fingers crossed!

Have you had a good May? What did you get up to?

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