34 weeks pregnant – An update

34 weeks pregnant

When people ask me when I’m due, I can now say ‘”next month”! Seriously, where did the last eight months go?? I mentioned in my April update that it felt like I was enjoying the calm before the storm. Well now the storm has well and truly hit and I’m in the midst of packing up our house, cancelling direct debits, sorting out new pre-schools, and making arrangements for the new baby.

Oh, and we’re also going away for a week on the boat next week…No sailing this time, but hoping we’ll catch a few days relaxing as a family of three (and the dog!) before we come back to our big move.

But anyway, on to the pregnancy and being 34 weeks…

34 weeks pregnant


Bump seems to have slowed down a little in terms of growth but I’m getting constant Braxton Hicks contractions now – which I never had the first time around with Taylor. I saw the midwife yesterday and all was well in terms of my measurements. Baby really is sooo low! It’s been like this since about 28 weeks now and the midwife confirmed yesterday that baby’s head is engaged. A little bit scary since the thought of going into labour on a boat is not all that appealing!! But my online GP (i.e. Google) tells me that this doesn’t necessarily mean the early onset of labour…we shall see!

People keep telling me I’m “all at the front”, which is a good thing I guess – but I definitely feel like my back is suffering from the shift in my centre of gravity!

General Health

I’m feeling pretty good on the whole. Just a little irritable and restless on the evenings – not helped by getting twitchy legs! But my energy levels aren’t suffering too much and I’m not yet at that ‘fed up’ stage. I guess I don’t have time to be!

I am feeling a little emotional and hormonal though – probably best not to cross me right now (as the hubby has learnt the hard way!)

I’m now testing negative for the Group B Strep infection, which is good to know. However I’ve been told that I’ll still have to have IV antibiotics during labour as a precaution.


Baby’s just as active as he was when I published my 32 week update. I would’ve thought he may have ran out of room by now, but apparently there’s still enough in there for regular Body Pump sessions! His feet are all the way around by my right hip and he constantly throws out shapes beneath my belly button with his bum! It definitely feels like he is getting ready to come out and I keep getting reminders of labour from the shooting pains in my lower back. Cannot wait to go through that again…

Looking forward to…

To be honest, I really just want to get into our new house now and start getting everything in order. This is my last week at work, so at least I’ll feel less thinly spread and be able to focus on preparing for the not-so-distant future…

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