8 ways to turn your garden into a kids’ haven this summer

kids garden summer

There’s nothing I love more about summer than being able to take the play (and the mess!) outdoors. Like a lot of toddlers, our daughter starts climbing the walls if I don’t get her out of the house before 10am.  And let’s be honest, it’s so lovely to be able to enjoy the garden, as opposed to facing the mayhem of yet a soft play centre!

kids garden summer

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Granted, it’s not been particularly hot in the UK recently, but I have high hopes for the months and weeks ahead. So throw open the doors and let your little ones have fun in the sun with these garden ideas for kids…

1. Take the games outside

Jumbo sized games including Jenga, Twister, Dominos and Skittles provide a novel alternative to CBeebies indoors. Plus the adults can get involved and have fun too! Keeping a couple of these in your collection is a great way of bringing the whole family together.

2. Make sweet treats

Make home-made ice lollies or fruit smoothies for a healthy pick-me-up between meals. They’re so easy to make and you can keep a stash in your freezer ready for when the weather heats up.

A garden for kids

3. Let them grow their own

Having done this for the past two summers, we’re huge fans of growing our own. As well as being cathartic for the adults, it’s also a great activity to get the kids involved in. Watering the vegetable plants on a daily basis is something they’ll come to love and once the fruit and veg grows, they’ll love helping to collect it. Not to mention the ample supply of tomatoes/lettuce/peppers you’ll soon have to hand!

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4. Create a party atmosphere

If you know there’s a long-lasting hot spell on the way (we live in hope!), why not create a party atmosphere to add some novelty to your garden? Add bunting, fairy lights and balloons and let the kids play from dawn until dusk! Don’t forget the paddling pool and the sandpit!

5. Give them a shaded hideaway

If you don’t have a playhouse, make a cool garden den for the kids using whatever you have to hand. Pull out those old sheets and hang them off a tree, or push together three bamboo canes to form a pyramid base. Fill the den with beanbags and cushions and a couple of activities or books to entertain them. Remember, it doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy!

6. Make your own assault course

I have fond memories of running around home made assault courses and being timed against my big sister (who always won!) I still don’t think you can beat a bit of friendly competition to encourage the kids to burn off some energy! You’ll find that you already have all of the ‘obstacles’ to incorporate in your garden (running around trees, patio step ups, balancing along walls, jumping over a low-set clothes line•).

•Accidents may happen…

garden ideas for kids

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7. Have refreshments on tap

Encourage your little ones to stay hydrated with refreshments on tap. Try to find a novelty drink dispenser or use a plastic pitcher that they can help their selves from. Go for cloudy lemonade if you’re looking to create a real summer vibe!

8. Keep an activity basket by the back door

Keep an activity basket to take outdoors by your back door. That way you can easily grab it and you won’t have to think of new forms of entertainment each day. Fill it with messy craft and water activities that you prefer to avoid indoors!

Do you have any more kids garden ideas? What are your plans for the garden this summer?

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