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We’re moving house next week and one of the things I’m the most excited about (other than giving birth to our second baby!) is having multiple new interiors projects to get stuck into. Having lived in our bungalow for the last three years, I’m actually looking forward to the novelty of having a staircase again, and I have so many hallway design ideas I want to implement!


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I’ve had my head buried in interiors magazines for the past couple of months and of course, I’ve become a little (more) obsessed with Pinterest of late…

Make a feature out of storage

Storage is key to banish clutter in the hallway. Ours is always littered with muddy wellies, coats, and all of those items that we place on the sideboard on their way to other parts of the house (that we haven’t been bothered to take there yet!).

Keep the hallway tidy with a traditional storage bench, funky coat pegs and feature shelving. Make your hallway as pretty as it is practical by coordinating your units and adding personal touches such as flowers, lamps and photographs to create a warm welcome.

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Create a bespoke staircase

To create a staircase with a difference, you may want to consider going bespoke. We’re opting for a super modern feel in our new home and I’m in love with the smart glass staircases that are now available. I love how they can completely transform a staircase and create a real feature out of the hallway.

Personally, I’d prefer to keep the handrails and base timber (as opposed to chrome) to make it lookΒ homely (and less like the one at the office!)

Invest in key furniture pieces

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that it’s worth investing in key pieces of furniture that will move with you through the years. Oak furniture is particularly timeless and will go with almost any colour scheme or theme.

When we moved into our current house we invested in a refurbished oak sideboard which I still utterly love. As well as being great for storage it’s also an obvious place to display family photographs and other keepsakes. For a great range of similar sideboards, check out those available from Quercus Living.

Be brave with pattern

The hallway is something that can often be overlooked or left until last when it comes to redecorating a home. Many a hallway ends up being an afterthought and people tend to ‘play it safe’ with neutral colour schemes, a few photo frames and a sideboard (#guilty). But hallway design should be carefully considered, since it’s the first impression people get when they enter your home.

Bold patterns and distinctive colour schemes are a must! be brave with patterned wallpaper, or add a colourful stair runner for an instant impact.

hallway design ideas

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Add warmth with textiles

To create a warm welcome, adding textiles to the entranceway is key. As we’re quite outdoorsy, we’ll probably go for easy-to-clean hard flooring again, but I’ll definitely be cosying it up with a statement rug! Try adding more warmth with cosy cushions on a hallway storage bench, or baskets filled with blankets in the autumn/winter.

Do you have any more hallway design ideas? I’d love to know what’s worked for you!

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    June 15, 2017 at 10:26 am

    This designs inspires me to do my craft better. I like this designs. Thank you for sharing

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