36 weeks pregnant – An update

36 weeks pregnant

Oh my…this heat!!! I’m sat writing this on our sofa (I may be watching Love Island) and literally cannot cool down! I can’t remember weather like this in the UK for years – so it’s typical that it comes when I’m 36 weeks pregnant!

And packing up our house for our big move.

36 weeks pregnant

We did make the most of the weather last week though, during our holiday to the south coast. It was bliss being able to take a week away from everything and just relax with the hubby on hand to help out with Taylor.

We’re now well and truly back into the swing of things and packing is fully underway – so I’m still crossing my fingers that baby won’t make an early appearance!


I think I’ve grown a little more again since my 34 week update. My hips, back and feet are seriously feeling the extra weight now and I’m finding it difficult to find a comfortable sitting position.

I had my midwife appointment today and everything is on track in terms of my measurements. Baby is still engaged and raring to come out!

General health

Admittedly I’m finding it pretty hard in this heat and can definitely tell that my energy reserves are also keeping another human being alive. It doesn’t help that we move house in two days and I’ve spent the week so far packing boxes. By the evening my hips ache like hell and my feet just need a break!

36 weeks pregnant bump

Unfortunately though, bed isn’t offering much respite since it’s way too hot to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

But aside from that, I can’t complain and I’m feeling pretty healthy on the whole.


I was thinking that baby’s movements may slow down a little now, as he runs out of room in there. But he’s showing no signs so far! I can feel exactly where his feet are and his little bum.

It’s not so cute when he’s kicking me in the bladder, but I do find it comforting knowing that he’s happily wriggling around in there.

I still can’t help wondering how I’m going to cope once he’s on the outside and I’m going to have two little people to constantly watch over!

Looking forward to…

Getting into our new house! Actually I’d love to click my fingers and have everything sorted in our new house so that I can relax a little before baby comes. But I know that I won’t do that anyway with all of those interiors projects to get underway…

Taylor has come on so much recently and I’m really looking forward to seeing her with her new baby brother. Wherever we go she always wants to play with other kids, so I’m hoping she’s going to love having a little sidekick down the line.

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