38 weeks pregnant (and still no name!)

38 weeks pregnant

We moved into our new home at the end of last month, so I can finally get organised for the imminent arrival of baby boy! It feels good to have the headspace to focus on our new bambino and I’ve spent this last week buying all of the essentials and getting the nursery sorted…since I’m now 38 weeks pregnant! I can’t quite believe it still…

38 weeks pregnant


Bump seems to have slowed down now and I’m hoping I don’t have much more growing to do. Personally I feel HUGE, and I’m feeling like the 80 year old version of myself. The one that can’t sit up without a hand to pull me, and with the body that clicks each morning as I get out of bed! Even walking up the stairs leaves me (very!) out of breath!

After packing and unpacking all of the boxes for our house move it feels nice to be able to take things a little slower – although days spent with a toddler are never that relaxing!

I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions quite frequently. And a load of other shooting pains and aches which which I never had with my first pregnancy.

Basically, it’s pretty obvious that my body is gearing up for labour!

General health

Everything seems to be going as planned although I do have a dreadful cold and sore throat which is making me feel crappy – and in no mood for labour!

I’m still testing negative for Strep B infection which is great, although I’ll still be given the IV antibiotics in labour as a precaution.

Indigestion is another bugbear, but I guess there’s so little room in there (and I still eat so much!)…


Baby is still as active as ever. A lot of his movements do seem to be pushing downwards at the moment and sometimes I worry that my waters are about to break with all of the force he’s using!

Can you believe that we still don’t have a name?! We’re really struggling! We have a handful in the bag, but they change on a daily basis and we still haven’t come across one and thought ‘that’s it!’ I’ve given up thinking about it now – I figure we will have to meet our little man first before we decide what’s going to suit him.

Looking forward to…

Obviously meeting him! I can’t wait to see his little squidgy face and give him a big cuddle. That newborn smell and those cute moments spent with him dozing on my shoulder…

But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t wished for my former body back – I’m definitely at that stage now where I’m fed up and ready for the bump to be no more. This pregnancy has been good to me, but you do forget how uncomfortable these last few months get!

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