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make your home more energy efficient

The hubby and I have lived in three different houses in the six years we’ve been together. Before starting a family, we used to like a renovation job, preferring to ‘put our own stamp’ on a property as opposed to paying a premium for a finished product (that we would probably want to change anyway!).

These days we simply don’t have the time (or the energy) to renovate homes. Any changes we make to the house that we recently moved into will be simply decorative.

how to make your home more energy efficient

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However, one area that’s always worth a bit of investment is to make your home more energy efficient. Unless you’ve bought a new build, it’s likely that there are steps you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency – and help save you money on your heating bills. Here’s just a few…

Insulate your home

Making sure your home is well insulated is the first thing you should do. Pay particular attention to your loft and make sure it’s well sealed so that you’re not losing heat from inside your home. Also add new or additional insulation to your walls and ceilings.

When it came to renovating our last home, we realised that two rooms had no insulation whatsoever. We insulated one when we created our kitchen/diner, but the guest bedroom remained as it was. In the winter it really was such a difficult room to heat up and the difference in temperature with the rest of the house was pretty drastic.

Replace draughty windows and doors

Replacing single glazed or draughty doors and windows with modern double glazing is a must if you want to make your home more economical. Single glazing can be a major source of heat loss from the home and the sealant can often need replacing in older windows.

New windows can be a big investment, but definitely one that’s worthwhile if you’re sticking around for the long-term.

If you want a short-term fix, add additional caulk and weather stripping to make sure old doors and windows are sufficiently sealed.

Update your radiators

If you have old radiators throughout your home, it’s likely that they aren’t the most energy efficient. It’s worth upgrading to modern double radiators and those that are designed to provide the maximum amount of heat from the smallest amount of energy.

If you’re building a conservatory or adding a loft extension to your home, it’s worth looking at an electric heat source to minimise installation costs. Traditionally, electric heaters cost a fortune to run, but there are some fantastic energy efficient options available today. Try the Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator (available from, which has a built-in energy monitor to help optimise energy usage.

Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator

Replace old appliances

If you have budget available, it’s worth considering replacing any old appliances, such as showers, toilets and boilers. Modern alternatives have been designed with energy efficiency in mind and the initial cost outlay will be worth it over time.

Switch your lightbulbs

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to save money on your electricity bills is to switch your traditional light bulbs for energy efficient alternatives such as halogen incandescents or fluorescent bulbs. These traditionally use about 25-80% less energy and even having a just a few around your home can help make a difference to your energy usage.

Is your house economical? Have you made any changes over the years to make your home more energy efficient?

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  1. Anthony - Dada & Monkey
    July 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    Great advice, a lot is common sense but well worth pointing out!
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  2. Helen
    July 27, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    I was going to comment on your kitchen redesign blog, but couldn’t seem to do it! Your new kitchen looks amazing, you should be very proud! I also agree, having an energy efficient home is very important these days! Thanks for the tips

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