39 weeks pregnant – An update (perhaps the last?!)

39 weeks pregnant

I’m breaking my rule of fortnightly pregnancy updates – since I’m now 39 weeks pregnant and this could be my final one!

Just like when I was pregnant the first time around, I still can’t imagine that I’m actually going to give birth to this baby! I’m in that ‘pregnancy state’ that doesn’t seem to allow you to comprehend the ‘labour state’ or the ‘newborn baby state’. As much as I tell people that I’m “due next week”, my brain can’t seem to fathom that we will be going to the hospital one day very soon and coming out with our baby boy (if only it was that easy!)…
39 weeks pregnant


I don’t think the bump will get any bigger now. I’m told that baby is still engaged and sitting very low and I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions on a daily basis. At my antenatal appointment last week, the midwife told me that baby isn’t overly big (or small) – which I was more than happy about since I’m going to have to push him out in a matter of days!! Obviously anything can happen, but I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a straightforward delivery.

I now have my hospital bags packed, baby boy’s clothes all folder neatly (for now!) in his wardrobe and I’m drinking raspberry leaf tea…But I know that there’s very little else I can really do to prepare for labour. As last time, I don’t have a birth plan and I’m planning to just go with what my body tells me. I’m definitely more anxious about labour this time around though. Probably because I know what’s to come!!

General health

The cold and sore throat I was suffering with last week has subsided and I’m feeling much better. I’m also a lot less tired than I have been in recent weeks and I’m sleeping pretty well at night – all things considering. At 39 weeks pregnant, I get the feeling my body is trying to summon the energy it’s going to need to get me through labour and the weeks ahead!


Baby is still moving excessive amounts. In fact, I’m not sure he ever sleeps. Of course I’m glad of his constant reassuring kicks, but now that he’s fully grown his jabs can be pretty painful! I told the midwife at my last antenatal appointment that we were hoping for a more relaxed newborn this time around, to which she told me that there was “no chance”! He really is such a fidget and I love him for it already…

Looking forward to…

So many things! Aside from the small issue of having to go through labour (!), I really can’t wait to meet our little man now. It will be so lovely having a son this time around as I feel like we’ll have so many new experiences to discover with him.

I’m also really excited to see Taylor with her new baby brother. I know that she probably won’t understand him in the beginning, she may not even like him much. But as she comes to understand I know that she’ll love having a little play mate. She’s obsessed with caring for her dollies, so I’m hoping that she’ll enjoy having a ‘real life baby’ to help mummy with!

And of course, I’m also looking forward to the end of pregnancy and getting back a bit of me. I’m under no illusions this time around that my first alcoholic drink will taste good, or that my body will spring back to its former self, but I am looking forward to starting that journey to recovery and everything that lies ahead.

I know that the lack of sleep will be horrendous for a while, but I feel much more mentally prepared this time around. I’m hoping I can just go with the flow and trust my instincts a lot more. We’re not planning on having any more children after this one, so I’m going to try and embrace this time whilst I can.

And also, we finally have a name!

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  1. Sarah
    August 3, 2017 at 11:25 am

    Good luck!! Fingers crossed for a more relaxed newborn! This brought back so many memories of when I was close to labour.

    Sarah | http://www.justbuttonsblog.co.uk

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