July: Meeting our baby boy, finding ‘home’ and taking stock

July 2017 will be a date that stays forever in our hearts, sine we finally welcomed our son Harry! Our world has shifted and we’ve spent the past few weeks adjusting to life as a family of four…

Meeting Harry

I went into labour around 11pm on Saturday 15th, and Harry was finally born at 6.57am on Sunday 16th July. I don’t think anything can ever prepare you for motherhood, and even though we’ve done all of this once before, I’m constantly in awe of our new addition. He’s utterly adorable and every time I look at him I still can’t believe he’s mine. Even though I’m sleep deprived and exhausted most days, I wouldn’t change a thing and I feel so fortunate right now.

Settling into our new home

Since we moved into our new home last month, we’ve been busy exploring our new surroundings and making the house our own. Luckily, unlike our previous home, this one doesn’t need a lot of renovating. Most of what we’re planning will be purely cosmetic to make the decor to our taste, aside from a new kitchen/diner.

Just before Harry was born, we moved Taylor into a toddler bed and put her old cot into what will be Harry’s room (once we move him out of ours). This was the perfect excuse to decorate both rooms! The hubby wasn’t so keen, but soon realised that it wasn’t worth putting up a fight with a heavily pregnant woman and succumbed in the end! I have a few more bits and pieces to add and I’ll soon be revealing both room makeovers on here.

Growing our own

One of the things I was a tad excited about when moving into our new home was the fact that it has a green house in the garden (#rocknroll)…Following on from the success I had growing our own last year, I’ve again found my green fingers. The saplings we transported from our old house are now fully fledged plants that are finally sprouting tomatoes, chilis and peppers.

mum in brum

Taking stock…

With pregnancy, the house move, a staycation and preparing for Harry, we haven’t really had a minute to catch our breath this summer. Now that we’re settled and Harry’s here safe I’m trying to take stock and live in the moment a little more.

Taylor is at home with me for the summer since she doesn’t start pre-school until September. Having a newborn and a toddler alone for six days of the week can be testing, but I’m trying to savour these days and go a little easier on myself. It doesn’t matter if I don’t leave the house until midday, or if we’re still in our PJs come lunch time. It doesn’t matter if I don’t write that blog post I planned, or if I don’t feel like checking my emails for three days…

I want to remember these days, and enjoy them whilst they last.

Did you have a good July? When was the last time you stopped to take stock?

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