Harry, you’re one month old!

one month old

Oh Harry, what a sweetheart you are! It seems like the past four weeks have flown by on the one hand, but on the other hand I can’t imagine our little family without you in it. I’ve decided to write you monthly updates on here, so that I can reminisce in years to come. And hopefully you might want to read them one day and know how much you were always loved. So here goes!

Following on from your delivery (when you were a little awkward about coming into the world!) you have been an absolute dream. You probably have your feisty big sister and her angry newborn days to thank for making you seem like an angel, but you really have been such a cutie…

one month old

How you look

Your hair is amazing! Everyone who meets you, including complete strangers will always comment “look at that hair!” You’re already rocking a mohican. When you were first born it looked jet black, but now it’s more of a sandy colour. I love it when it’s freshly washed and goes all fluffy, especially since your head still has that divine newborn smell!

You’ve had a healthy ruddy complexion since you were born, which you have your dad to thank for. And your eyesΒ have now turned dark blue.

You’re now bigger than your birth weight of 7lb 6oz, but you still look teeny. We’re still wearing up to 1 month baby grows, although you’re changing and growing with every passing day.

Obviously I’m completely biased, but I think you’re so cute…


You like to sleep – a lot. As newborns do I guess, but like I say, your big sister was somewhat different!

You’re already finding your own routine, waking up every three hours for a feed during the night. You sometimes struggle to get back to sleep as you’re suffering from reflux, but on the whole you seem to be very content.

one month


You’re a serial snacker! Although you cry for your feeds every three hours, you’ll only have a sip and then you’re done! You’re not really that into your milk and appear to be in pain following each feed, so we’re having fun and games (again!) trying to figure out if there’s anything we can do to help relieve your symptoms. I took you to the GP last week and insisted on a prescription for Infant Gaviscon (which seemed to help a little for your big sister). Fingers crossed.


Having said all of that, you have such a delightful temperament. You’re cries for feeds are more like cute whimpers, and even when you’re clearly distressed, I feel like my cuddles go a long way to help comfort you.

You have the cutest smile and (despite what people say about wind!) you smile back whenever we smile at you. You also seem to be highly inquisitive and (when awake!) your little eyes will be looking around, or searching my face. I feel like you’ve been looking forward to coming into the world and meeting us all.

Family life

Perhaps it’s true what they say about the second ‘just fitting in’, or perhaps we got lucky. But you have slotted into our little family perfectly.

Your sister dotes on you and is constantly giving you kisses or poking your eyes (depending on her mood!). She loves to help me change your nappies and she also takes it upon herself to put your dummy back in, or turn on the music on your bouncer whenever you cry. She always comes in to our room to cuddle you first thing in the morning.

We threw a party for you last weekend and had a fantastic day celebrating in our garden in the sunshine. The older kids enjoyed a bouncy castle and your Nanna baked you a cake. Of course you slept threw most of it, as you were unknowingly passed around for cuddles.

It won’t be long until you’ll be able to enjoy these moments too, but for now we’re all enjoying you – just as you are.

Mum xx

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