How to stage a property to sell or rent fast

Whether you want to sell your home or rent out a room it needs to look good. The trick to selling or renting fast, and securing the best price, is to make the space look as attractive as possible. We recently moved house and were so pleased to sell our previous property quickly – keeping an immaculate home isn’t easy with young kids and a dog!

But viewers need to be able to see themselves living there. In fact, you want them to desire living there. Naturally, the better your home looks the more likely you are to succeed in this endeavour. Here’s some steps you my want to consider…


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Get the professionals in

By far the easiest approach is to let a professional do the work for you. This approach is not as expensive as you may think. Home staging is no longer only for the rich or developers. Companies like will dress an ordinary residential property and do so for a really reasonable price. If you can’t afford to do that, don’t worry because with a bit of time and effort you can still do it yourself.

Deep clean

Start by going through your property de-cluttering and deep cleaning each room. If you want to rent out a room empty it of your possessions. A cluttered room always looks smaller than it actually is. Having too many of your personal items laying around makes it hard for people to see the potential of a space. If you are planning to move you will need to have a throw out and pack up your things anyway. So all you’re really doing when you de-clutter, to stage your property, is starting your packing process a bit earlier.

If there are any items you use regularly, by all means, leave those out. Just be sure to whip around before viewings to tidy them away. Keeping a drawer empty to sweep everything into is a good approach. It allows you to quickly tidy up prior to a viewing and get everything out again when your viewers have finished.

Touch up the decor

Once you have cleaned properly, you’ll be able to see what aspects of your home decor need some attention. You want each room to look as fresh and clean as possible.

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Sort out the floors

If your flooring is looking worn or tired, buy rugs to cover up some of the issues. This doesn’t cost much to do. Just be sure to buy the type that has a non-slip backing on hard floors!

Clean up outside

Given the fact that the first thing visitors to your home see is your garden, it’s important to tidy up outside. Do the weeding, cut the grass and power wash the mould off of any decked or paved areas.

Repaint your front door

If your front door has seen better days, take the time to repaint it. You’ll be surprised at how much difference this makes to the way the outside of your home looks.

front door

Clean the windows

Take the time to clean your windows. This genuinely does let more natural light into each room.

Consider buying some mirrors

If you have rooms that are a bit dark, consider using a strategically placed mirror to
brighten each one up. This article tells you how to buy the right size and where to hang it to get the most benefit.

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