Harry at two months old

two months

We’ve had a lot of changes this month, but we’re starting to get more of a routine into our lives now that your big sister has started pre-school. Things seem a little less hectic, and you get more time with me to yourself!

I love writing these updates, even though I appreciate that they won’t be of interest to everyone! I started this blog to document our family life and record our precious memories – and let’s face it, these new baby days are so precious and so fleeting.

So here’s your two month update, and my record of a time in your life that will soon seem so long ago…

two months

How you look

Your face is changing by the week as you lose that ‘just out of the womb’ squidgy newborn look. Your features are becoming more defined and your complexion less red. Your eyes, which are now wide open most of the time are a beautiful blue.

I was expecting you to lose your hair this month, but there’s no signs of it going anywhere! It’s still a sandy brown colour and I often wonder what colour hair you’re going to have once it starts to grow properly. I’m not sure if you’ll be blonde like your big sister and I, or darker like your dad.

I haven’t had you weighed for a while, but you seem to be growing perfectly.


As I wrote for your one month update, you’re such a happy and content baby. You have started to become a little more determined with your cries when you want something, but most of the time you are so smiley and easy going. It’s so easy to get a grin from you and you start to gurgle and babble back at me when I talk to you. In fact, you turn on the smiles for all three of us. Sometimes you just cry for attention and will immediately smile as soon as one of us interacts with you. You make me melt of course.

It’s lovely now that you’re awake most of the day to see your interest in the world around you. You’re constantly curious, looking around at what we’re doing. Whenever I look at you, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be watching me already. Either that, or you’ll be watching your hands moving, as though they’re the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen (which of course they probably are!)

You love a cuddle and would snuggle all day if I let you – and trust me, I would if I had the time!


You have already established a good routine for yourself at night, which is a dream for us – especially since your sister still wakes up pretty early! We haven’t forced any sort of bedtime this time around, just taking you up to bed whenever we decide to hit the sack. You’ll have a last feed and usually sleep until around 4am. You’re a little more unsettled after that, but generally you’ll go back to sleep until after 6.30am. I’m just so thankful for the long stint you give me!


We now have a prescription for Infant Gaviscon which makes the world of difference to your reflux. Whenever I do a feed without it in, you’ll still bring the majority of it back up – so it’s definitely helping. You still prefer to snack and I usually give you four oz of milk over a two hour period. You’re not an overly hungry baby and I already get the feeling that your appetite may not be as good as your sister’s.

Family Life

Taylor started pre-school for three days a week this month, so you now have me all to yourself on those days. I carry you in the Baby Bjorn to school across the road and Taylor gives us both a kiss goodbye in the classroom. Once we get home you’re usually asleep, so I’m able to tidy up the chaos from the morning’s activities before you wake for you next feed.

Your big sister adores you and will always run to you if you start to cry to give you back your dummy, or she’ll search for a muslin if you’ve been a little sick. I keep trying to explain to her that one day you’ll be bigger and she’ll have a playmate, which I think she understands. Your dad is usually home before 6pm, so gets plenty of cuddles with you on the evening. Max is also pretty interested in you and often comes over for a sniff!

We’ve booked to go on holiday next month and we’re looking forward to spending some quality time together on our first holiday as a foursome.

Love you millions, Mum xxx




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