Inspiring a love of reading with Baby Book Club

baby book club review

We were recently contacted by the Baby Book Club – a subscription service which delivers three specially selected picture books each month to your door. The books are suitable for babies and toddlers, and follow a particular theme each month to encourage discussion and fuel your little one’s imagination.

baby book club review

As a big advocate of reading, I love this idea.  Reading has been a part of our bedtime routine for Taylor since she was an early age. ‘Bath, book, bed’ has always helped to bring structure to our evenings and sets her up for a good night’s sleep.

Reading however has not always been of huge interest to Taylor until very recently. In the first year she preferred to rip books apart rather than read them and she still tends to lose interest pretty quickly.  She often uses ‘story time’ to stall going to bed and will insist on reading a book back to front, reading the book herself, or starting from the front page ten times over…

But at almost three years old, and with a sudden development in her speech and language, she is definitely showing more interest in books. She loves putting her words to the pictures and I’ll often catch her ‘reading’ out loud to herself, or to her teddies.

Baby book club

baby book club

We were sent a box from Baby Book Club to review. Our theme was ‘On the Farm’ and we were sent three fun animal themed books, beautifully packaged. This theme couldn’t have come at a better time for us since we’ spent a good part of our summer visiting our local farm parks. She also learnt about farm animals at nursery, and she loves naming all of them as we read together.

baby book club box

baby book club box

books for children

Her favourite book from our selection is ‘Down by the Cool of the Pool’, which is a fun rhyming book with animal noises and moves to copy. She loves it! (and I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan too!)

The box from Baby Book Club also includes a tip of the month to make the reading experience more interactive. Our tip this month was to visit a local children’s farm to point out all of the animals we’d read about in the books. I find that being able to relate our real life experiences when we read together really helps to engage Taylor’s interest.

You can subscribe to Baby Book Club for either three months, six months or twelves months, with the three month subscription starting at £30 per month. There are no contracts, you just pay for the package you want, and delivery is free.

I really think this would make a brilliant gift, and it’s a lovely way to grow your baby’s first library. There’s also something quite exciting about getting a package delivered to the door, especially for your little one – if you’re looking for a way to encourage a love of books from an early age, this is a great start.


 Would you join the Baby Book Club? is your little one a fan of books?

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  1. The Aspiring Yummy Mummy
    September 23, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Such a lovely idea! We love reading and often have to have a couple of stories a night so we end up flying through books.

    Totally separate note but love the carpet in your little ones nursery!

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