4 ways to help boost your self-esteem

boost your self-esteem

As a busy mum it can often be difficult making time for yourself. I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at self-care and spend far too many of my days in joggers and old jumpers.

Since Taylor started pre-school this month, and whilst Harry is still a baby, I now have a little more time to myself. So I’ve been trying to rediscover my sense of style and take a little more effort to feel good each day. I’ve also been trying to get on top of ‘life admin’ and get more of a routine back into our lives so that I feel more in control. I definitely feel like these small steps have given my self-esteem a little boost.

Here are some other ideas to get you on the right self-esteem track…

boost your self-esteem

1. De-clutter your surroundings

You need to de-clutter. It’s difficult for a new you to emerge if too much clutter surrounds you. To clear your mind of the junk that you have carried around with you for so long, you need to be in a space that complements this new way of being.

All you need are four piles. One pile is for the definite ‘get out of my life’ objects (you do not need that broken CD, you have Spotify!) The second pile is ‘I can make money out of you’, and consists of those unwanted gifts that eBay will sell for you. The third pile is for the things that you are not sure about – leave it a week and revisit, you may find that you can part with them after all. Finally, the fourth pile is for things that you definitely want to keep.

2.  Clear out your wardrobe

Invite your best friend over. Try on all of your clothes, and ask your friend whether they suit you. Keep the clothes that make you look good and feel good. It’s no good cluttering up your wardrobe (and life) with items that you know don’t really suit you. If you haven’t worn it for twelve months, you need to throw it out!

3. Give your body an MOT

Personally, there’s not many things I enjoy more than a bit of ‘me time’ in a nice hot bubble bath. It’s my chance to have a soak, a bit of a pamper and also clear my head. Have a think about all of those niggles that you’ve ignored, whilst putting everybody else’s needs above your own. Make that doctor’s appointment. Book that physio session. If you’ve always wanted whiter teeth, or have a personal body issue that you’d like sorted, try https://www.shytobuy.uk/ for a discreet delivery.

4. Set yourself a goal

People thrive on challenges. Set yourself an achievable goal. It doesn’t have to be too extreme, you need to make it something that you can do realistically. For example, have a daily half an hour walk, or complete 20 push ups every morning. Try to choose something that is physical to get the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Once you have achieved your goal for a month, up the ante. Do 50 push up every morning. Walk for 45 minutes. You will feel wonderful.

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration

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