September – A new pre school, brand collaborations & birthday celebrations

flat lay

September has been another month of changes and new beginnings for us. The chaos of summer is now over and we’re starting to get more of a routine back into our lives since Taylor started at her new pre school…

flat lay

A new pre school

It already seems so long ago since Taylor walked into her new pre school on the first day of term and waved me goodbye. She has settled in so well and loves her new-found independence. Each day we walk to the school from our house and she insists on carrying her own back pack. She always makes a bee-line for the ‘painting table’ and brings home so many new paintings each day (is it acceptable to start throwing some of these away yet??)

We got invited to a party during the first week and it was lovely to see she’s making friends already.

Birthday celebrations

I celebrated my 33rd birthday this month and enjoyed a much-needed child free date night with the hubs. We were recommended a quaint little french restaurant in town and it was such a treat. I may have got a little carried away with the beverages, forgetting I had children to look after come 6am the next morning, but it was totally worth it!!

Planning our new kitchen

We’ve been researching plans for our new kitchen-diner this month and have decided to get the work completed this side of Christmas. Perhaps we’re a little bonkers taking on such a project in the depths of winter with two young kids, but our excitement (and impatience!) got the better of us! The work is due to start on 1st November – so we have a lot of decisions to make in between now and then!

Working with brands

Following my little blogging break over summer, I seem to have upped the ante this month and collaborated with quite a few brands. Brands I’ve worked with have included the Baby Book Club, Infacol, Plumb Nation, Prezzybox and Intu Merry Hill. I’m not sure I’ll ever make a full-time career out of blogging (or if I’ll want to), but it’s nice to reap some financial rewards for all of the effort that goes into running a blog. I’ve got a couple of interesting products to review for October – so watch this space!

Shopping (for me!)

With Taylor at pre-school I’ve actually managed a couple of shopping trips this month – the first in a long, long time. I figure I need to make the most of this time before Harry can actually move and wriggle out of his pushchair at the first sight of New Look…

So I’ve been trying to regain my sense of style and finally get rid of all of those dowdy maternity outfits! I also managed to get my hair done and even my eyebrows for the first time since my wedding four years ago. #winning.

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