Hassle-free weaning with BEABA Babycook

Beaba Babycook review

We were recently sent the Beaba Babycook to review. At three months, Harry’s not yet eating ‘solids’ but of course I was delighted to give it a test run!

Weaning is one of my favourite milestones of the baby months. We started weaning our daughter early at four months, since she literally used to give me the death stare whenever I ate in front of her…Okay, not quite, but she was never a fan of her milk, she was always hungry and she was curious about food from very early on.

Beaba Babycook review

I started her off on vegetable purees, porridge and baby rice before soon introducing finger foods once she was capable of feeding herself. So I guess you could say that we used a combination of both purees and baby led weaning. Some may say there’s no such thing, but personally I liked knowing that if all of the carrot sticks ended up on the floor, then at least she’d eaten half a pureed sweet potato….

I’m a feeder, what can I say.

Beaba Babycook review

The Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 food processor makes it easy to produce purees since it steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. It comes in a range of cool colours and is compact so takes up minimal work space in the kitchen. We chose the limited edition rose gold and pink finish. 

Beaba Babycook review

Putting it to the test

When weaning our first baby I’d typically boil the vegetables, or roast a sweet potato in the oven. I’d then use a hand blender to puree them before storing in the freezer.

Since the Babycook does everything for you, there’s no need for pans, ovens or blenders. You simply chop the veg into small cubes, pop it into the steaming basket, pour in the suggested amount of water and then wait for 15 minutes. The Babycook requires no supervision and automatically switches off once the steaming’s complete, so you know it’s ready to blend.

Once blended I removed the steaming basket and switched the dial to blend the ingredients. It took about 5 seconds to produce an ultra smooth consistency. If you want a chunkier consistency, just blend for a shorter amount of time.

It also comes with a handy spatula so you can easily scoop out the puree with minimum waste.

Beaba Babycook

One of my favourite features of the Babycook is its 1100ml capacity, enabling you to do large batches of food to store in the freezer. I just cooked one sweet potato, but could’ve easily trebled the quantity.

The Babycook also has a reheat and a defrost setting. If I’m honest, we probably won’t use these often since we use our microwave for both of these purposes. However this would be super useful if staying away from home.

Is it really necessary?

As with all gadgets, the Beaba Babycook is an item that will make your life easier. Of course, you can steam vegetables and puree them using utensils you may already own, but I personally love the convenience that this provides since it can do everything in one go (and contain the mess!) I also like knowing that all of the vitamins and minerals are retained through the steam cooking.

The ease of use also reduces the urge to buy jarred/packet food out of convenience, since the Babycook makes cooking and storing your own baby food super easy.

Other accessories

Alongside the Beaba Babycook, we also received the Babypote – a handy pouch which is ideal for taking out and about. Food can be squeezed onto a spoon, or directly into baby’s mouth. It’s got a rubbery, squidgy texture, so it’s perfect for babies to grip on their own. I can see us getting so much use out of this in the months to come.

Babycook accessories

We also received the multi-portion silicone food containers. It has six compartments and is suitable for the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Each pod can be turned out individually, so you can defrost one meal at a time. We have the XL size, which is probably too large for the early stages but perfect for storing the more chunky textures and larger leftover meals further down the line.

Our verdict

All in all I was really impressed with Babycook. Personally I love how compact and easy to use it is. As well as reducing the amount of washing up, I also found the automatic switch off really helpful. I didn’t have to keep checking up on the progress, or worry that I’d overcooked it (and annihilating those important vitamins/minerals in the process!)

It is an investment at around £100 (depending on where you buy it from) but one that’s worthwhile if you want to make your own healthy purees with minimum effort and mess.

In our experience with weaning, we didn’t offer purees for longer than three months, which is worth baring in mind if you’re trying to weigh up the expense vs. the return. But if you don’t already have a food processor/blender then at least you’ll be able to use the Babycook long after baby’s made the transition to solid foods.

weaning Babycook

Have you tried the Beaba Babycook? 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Babycook in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I would never write about a product that I wouldn’t buy myself. 

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