Harry, you’re three months old…

You seem to have really changed this month and I feel like time is slipping through my fingers! Just last night I cleared out your wardrobe and got rid of all of your newborn baby grows. I love watching you grow and develop, but I’m also not ready to say goodbye to these precious days just yet…

How you look

The jury’s out on whether you’re starting to lose your hair. I didn’t think you were, but looking back at earlier photos, it definitely looks like it’s thinning out. You’ve also gone fairer this month and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be blonde like your sister – despite how dark it was in the first few months.

At your last appointment with the health visitor you dropped a percentile when plotting your weight. I’m not worried to be honest – you seem to be growing just fine to me. You’re definitely getting longer and those little legs are getting chunkier by the week.


You’ve been semi rolling over for the last month and you actually fully rolled for daddy this morning – just when I happened to not be in the room!! Rascal.

You’ve also really found your voice this month and I love our little conversations. You squeal with delight when I sing to you. Although you don’t get peek-a-boo yet and look genuinely horrified every time I hide behind my hands!


We went on holiday to Dubai recently and you were such an angel! You napped for most of the days or just chilled out in your buggy. You were a joy to take out on the evenings since you’re so happy and content. For the most part you only cry if you’re hungry or tired and we’ve all got to know your needs now.

You’re as curious and alert as ever and you’re so receptive. You dish out smiles to anyone who looks at you and you’ve started to laugh a little now too.


You’re sleeping routine hasn’t changed since last month and we still keep you downstairs with us until we go up to bed at around 10pm. Sometimes you sleep on the evenings, sometimes you don’t, but I’ll always give you a feed before I nod off and you’ll wake up somewhere between 2.30 – 4.30am for a second feed. You go back to sleep within 10/15 minutes of having your feed until 6-7am, so I really can’t complain.


You’re still having a maximum of 4oz for a feed. Most of the time you get hungry every three hours, but sometimes it can be more like two. You still get pretty bad reflux and can struggle for a long time after a feed. Thankfully though, this seems to be more the case in the day rather than the night.

Family life

We had a brilliant time visiting Dubai this month. You’re Nanna and Grandad were also over there visiting your aunty Faye, uncle Martin and cousin Stanley, so we had a novel holiday with all of us together. Of course you were happy to have more arms around for more cuddles.

I love seeing you and Taylor together. Before your arrival I was concerned that she may get jealous of our affection to you, but she’s loved you so much from day one. She always asks to kiss you goodnight when we put her to bed and her current fascination is giving you rattles to hold.

You bring so much sunshine into our lives.

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