Harry at four months old

How are you four months old already? Seriously, these days are flying by and I’m desperately trying to savour these last months, whilst you’re still a relatively ‘new baby’. It won’t be long now until you’re sitting up, sleeping in your own room and eating solid foods…

New tricks

You’ve starting rolling over this month onto your front (although Daddy did say he saw you do it last month, I’m not sure I believe him!) You still don’t like being on your front much though!

You’re also playing with toys and rattles now and will explore objects with your hands and mouth.


You are so curious! Your head is constantly bobbing around as you take in the mayhem going on around you.

You’re finding your voice more with every week, and I’m starting to know the difference between your shouts for food/sleep, and when you just want some attention. You hate being left alone in your bouncer or on your play mat and when I put you down, your face sometimes crumbles as you kick your legs to try and get out. We all think of you as our chilled out baby boy, but you definitely know your own mind already!

You’re still so happy, although it’s not as easy as it was to make you smile and giggle. I guess you’ve got used to us now and we’re no longer the novelty we once were! But singing and peek-a-boo will always get a laugh. You love the one on one attention you get on the days that Taylor’s at pre-school.


You’ve been a little unsettled through the nights recently. I think you may have a bit of stomach ache as you constantly lift up your legs and fidget. Your dummy usually sorts it though, and I’m still only feeding you once during the night (around 4am), so I’m not complaining.

We now put you to bed at the same time as your big sister around 7pm. You’re a dream and usually go straight down after your feed. You’re still sleeping in the crib next to me. I keep thinking that you’re probably ready for your own room, but I would honestly miss your cute little face in the morning. You never wake up crying, you just chill out until I wake up and look at you and then you crack the biggest smile. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

You’re starting to find your own routine with your daytime naps. You tend to fall asleep on the walk back from the school run around 9am for at least an hour, and then you have a second nap in the afternoon around 3pm.

How you look

Obviously you’ve grown, but you still seem dinky. In terms of your weight, you’re measuring on the lowest percentile so you are on the smaller side for your age. Just like your sister.

Your features are really coming into their own and you already look so different from when you were first born. Everyone says that you’re starting to look more like me, and I can really see the resemblance with Taylor now too.

You’ve lost a lot of that dark hair this month, along with your cradle cap. Your hairline is growing back blonde.Β You have bright blue eyes and your cheeks are always rosy – I literally want to snuggle you all of the time.

Family life

We’re all so excited about Christmas this year, which we’re spending at home. Nanna and Grandad are coming to stay and your mum is going to attempt her first Christmas dinner.

Taylor is still just as obsessed with you and I keep explaining to her that one day you’ll be big enough to play with her. She tries to involve you in things now – in particular she likes to pretend that you’re her audience when she’s singing and dancing “look Harry, I’m dancing!”

She pulls funny faces at you to try and make you smile, “Mummy, Harry’s laughing at me!” and will accuse you of all sorts of things “Harry hit me mummy, Harry pulled my hair…” She gets in your personal space A LOT. You seem to have succumbed to putting up with it, although sometimes you look over at your dad and I with a ‘please rescue me’ expression πŸ™‚

You love your daddy and your eyes follow him around whenever he’s in the room. You save your biggest smile for him when he walks through the door after a day at work.

You are such a delight.

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  1. Debbie
    November 24, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Hi Natalie, Harry looks and sounds so cute. I can still remember mine at that age (just about). Their smell and that cute giggle young children have when they find something funny. Good luck with the Christmas dinner. Precook the things you can like roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds, it will make life so much easier on the day and if you are clever they will never know!

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