Three ways I’m taking time out for myself this season

mini christmas tree and books

As a parent I find it pretty difficult to take time out for myself. There’s always something that needs doing – whether it’s household chores, life admin, attending appointments, or just simply responding to the constant demands of young children. Finding time to relax is a constant challenge.

mini christmas tree and books

I always tell myself that blogging is my ‘me time’, but in all honesty, it’s pretty much like a full time job! Any down time that I have during Harry’s naps, or on an evening is consumed by writing blog posts, catching up on social media, editing photography…the list goes on. Of course I do watch TV on an evening with the hubs, but even then I find it difficult to switch off and feel like there’s always something else that I should be doing.

My priorities however are gradually shifting and I’m starting to realise that there’s nothing wrong with a slower, more relaxed pace of life. Of course there are always things that need doing, but other things, quite frankly, can wait. Household chores are not always necessary and I’ve personally changed my whole perspective on blogging recently.

Read more (like actual books)

From a young age I’ve always loved books. And I really don’t think you can beat getting enthralled in a good fiction title for that ‘me time’ feeling! I’ve read very few books since I had Taylor three years ago, only finding the time to read on our holidays. But recently I’ve made a conscious effort to read each evening, as opposed to scrolling through social media. And I’m so much happier for it. I’m currently reading The Betrayals by Fiona Neill, which I can definitely recommend if you’re after something to get your nose into during these dark evenings.

Hot bubble baths

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot bubble bath? The bathroom is always my go-to place to escape to on an evening when I just want to switch off and unwind.

We were recently sent a Lumino bathroom cabinet. The mirror is illuminated with battery-powered LED lights, so requires no external wiring and is perfect for creating that sumptuous bathroom feeling. I find that spotlights on the ceiling can be a bit of a mood killer, so these cabinets are a brilliant solution if you want fuss-free low level lighting to help relax. It was also super easy for me to put up on my own and comes with the screws needed to fix it to the wall.

Of course, it also doubles up as a mirror and a cabinet for all of our toiletries – what’s not to love?

lumino bathroom cabinet


I’ve gone all hygge this season, and nothing says hygge more than a home cooked comfort meal. I’ve always loved cooking, but in the years since having children I’ve definitely come to see meal times as more of a chore. I still swear by meal planning and love myย Simply Cook boxes for the nights when I can’t be bothered to think (!)ย 

But I’ve also got back into cooking recently and I’m really enjoying the process of taking the time to put some love into our family meals again. If you need inspiring, check out my favouriteย comfort meals for winter evenings.

winter recipes

What do you do to relax?

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration

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