November: New beauty treatments, being present and starting our home renovation

Christmas centrepiece with pinecones

I’ve felt well and truly knackered this week! Not because of anything in particular, but I honestly have felt like hibernating the last few days. We’re all a little run down and Harry has been particularly grizzly following his recent immunisations. We’ve also started our home renovations this week, so it’s been all go!

It’s hard to think back to the rest of the month, but we’ve definitely had some great times. I’m also excited that I can now officially start planning for Christmas, since it’s very nearly December. Bring it on.

hallway with coat on bannister

New beauty treatments

I’ve never been and never will be that woman who can leave the house with no makeup. I just don’t feel ‘put together’ until I have ‘my face on’. I have my make-up essentials, but I don’t get much pleasure from buying and applying make-up – it’s more something I do out of necessity. So I’m a big fan of any treatment that reduces the amount of time I have to dedicate to getting ready each morning…

Back before I had kids I used to regularly have HD Brows and always loved them, so I’ve started having them again over the last couple of months. I have pretty crap, patchy natural brows and love that I hardly have to touch them each day now. If you haven’t tried them yet, I’d definitely recommend them for a natural, more defined shape.

I also had eyelash extensions before our recent holiday to Dubai, and I have another appointment for another set before Christmas. Not having to apply mascara each day really is bliss!

I’ve also gone lower maintenance with my hair, introducing low-lights into my historically bleached blonde barnet, so that I can grow out my natural colour. At least through the winter.

Being more present

It wasn’t planned as such, but I’ve found myself stepping back from social media, and my laptop as a whole this month. When I wrote that post about my blogging priorities changing three years in, it seems to have flicked a bit of a switch inside of me. I’m spending much more time switching off and just indulging in doing the things that make me the happiest – like reading paperbacks, cooking comfort meals and watching box sets with the hubby…

I’m accepting all invitations, talking for as long as I like on the phone and sitting on the sofa enjoying my cuppa that little bit longer without thinking I should be writing a blog post. I’m playing with my daughter without thinking about the washing I need to put away, and I’m deleting lazy or irrelevant email pitches without feeling they warrant a response.

This nonchalance probably has something to do with the Christmas holidays approaching, but I’m enjoying it whilst it lasts!

Christmas centrepiece with pinecones

Home renovation phase one – a new lounge

We were planning to start our big kitchen/diner project this month, but it soon became evident that we were being ridiculous trying to push it through before Christmas. So instead we decided to start ‘looking’ at new sofas. We of course ended up buying one and before we knew it we’d sourced a new fireplace, curtains, wallpaper, carpet, lighting and booked in the decorator!

We’ve had the electrician fitting the new fireplace this week, which is pretty exciting. We’ve gone for a super modern finish, which of course I’ll be sharing on here once complete. The room will be complete just in time for Christmas and I can’t wait until we’re finally able to move our Christmas tree into there (not that we’ve put it up yet!)

Meeting Santa

We were so lucky to get invited along to the Magical Christmas event at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor. Taylor is starting to understand Christmas now and it was the first year that she actually understood the concept of Santa (rather than just being scared of him!) She told him what she wanted for Christmas and keeps reminding me that he’s bringing her ‘lots of presents’. She’s turns three next month too, so she’s pretty excited about all she has to look forward to.

Drayton manor magical christmas

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  1. Adrian at ninjaDIY
    December 23, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Hey Natalie … good luck to you guys with the renovation.

    It’s very true as you mention as well that you don’t really want to start with a DIY project, a home improvement or renovation just before Christmas … it may end up being stressful times:)

    Let us know about future projects !

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
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