Snow days, slow days

I couldn’t let this week pass without recording Taylor’s first encounter with snow. This has been the year that she became obsessed with Disney’s Frozen, and we’ve had renditions of “Do you want to build a snowman?” sounding throughout our house for the last six months.

I also felt like a bit of a fraud singing about letting it snow and showing her picture perfect scenes of what Christmas looks like – so it was great for her to see those visions actually come to life!

As the snow started to come down we were actually listening to Christmas hits on my phone. We’d had a lazy morning and we were pottering about in my room – me tidying up, her making more mess. I often stand her on our windowsill so that she can see the cows and sheep that occupy the fields behind our house. She was so excited to see it covered over with snow we just stood there watching it come down for some time.

It didn’t settle much that day, and when she asked if we could ‘go build a snowman now?’ I had to explain to her that we needed much more snow!

Luckily we were in for a treat when we woke up on Sunday morning to find a thick covering – and it continued to come down all day long.

The two of us headed out after lunch and built a snowman together. “A big one mummy!” She kept requesting. It was so cute watching her copy me and collect more snow to add to him.

She became a little obsessive about collecting more and more stones for buttons which in the end decorated his entire body. I had to let the control freak inside of me step aside! We finished our snowman off with a carrot for his nose, which we had to go back and put back on later that day when it fell off.

Preschool was closed at the beginning of the week so we headed out for a walk as the sky was bright blue and the ground still covered. It took me a good half an hour to get Taylor and Harry ready to leave the house and by the time we’d turned out of our driveway, Taylor was ready to go back home! She’d got some snow inside of her welly and announced that she didn’t like the snow any more!

Yesterday she looked out of our living room window and exclaimed “Oh no! Our snowman’s head has gone mummy!” To which I of course replied that he would be back again next year…

I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy building snowmen and the hubby’s photography skills are unfortunately non-existent! But at least we have the memories.

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