Harry at five months old

You turn five months this week and we’ve had some big developmental milestones over the past couple of weeks. Although you still don’t seem to have grown much since you were four months old, you’re definitely eager to try new things and start being a little more independent.

We’ve had teething, the introduction to solid foods and napping in your own room this month and I know that more big changes are around the corner. I’m at that point where I’m trying to cherish my little limpet, whilst also trying to encourage you to become your own person…

New developments

You’re keen to sit up now and hate lying back in your bouncer. But you also can’t sit up without assistance, so you get a little frustrated! I dug out Taylor’s old Bumbo which you will sit in for a short while but you still tend to sit lop sided and you don’t tolerate it for long.

Even though you’ve proved you can roll over, you don’t seem that interested in it now! You really don’t like being put down on the floor and you’re not a fan of your play mat at all.

How you look

You’ve lost most of that dark baby hair now and you new hair is growing through blonde. You’re also starting to fill out and you’re starting to look more like your sister – especially your eyes. Your ears stick out a little at the top, which is pretty adorable (you may think otherwise!)

You’re still measuring small, but not underweight so I’m not worried. You’re just in 3-6 month clothes – a baby grow on most days!


You’re still such a ‘good baby’. You definitely know what you like and don’t like already, and aren’t afraid to show us when you’re unhappy, but you usually only cry when you want something or you’re tired/hungry. For the most part you’re content, happy and you’ll smile at anyone who pays you attention.

We’ve had huge belly laughs from you this month, usually at your sister. You seem to have a crazy hour of giggles and smiles right before you crash for bedtime.

You’re still happiest when you’re being cuddled and will happily let me carry you around with me all day! You’re so curious and love to see what I’m up to. Your head is constantly moving from side to side as you watch us all go about our business, like you don’t want to miss anything.


You’re teething, or at least I hope you are, because your sleeping has become pretty abysmal! I feel like I’m waking up all through the night to put your dummy back in to help you (and me!) settle back to sleep. It’s almost too easy to do this since you sleep at my bedside and I worry that you’re not learning to self soothe. But for the meantime I’m giving you (and teething) the benefit of the doubt and hoping that this stage will soon pass. Otherwise the dummy may have to go!!

Daytime napping is still intermittent. On those days when we walk Taylor to preschool you usually fall asleep in your buggy and you sometimes don’t stir for a few hours. But on the other days when Taylor’s home you don’t seem to be able to switch off from the background noise. You are definitely proving to be a light sleeper so far…

I’ve started to put you down for naps in your own room in the ‘big cot’ (I finally got Dad to fit your black-out blind!) You seem to like it, particularly your starry wall paper. I keep considering putting you in there on the nights, but I can’t face it whilst you’re waking up so frequently! Plus I would miss your cute face by my bedside each morning…I’ve got so soft.


I started weaning you this week to get you used to new flavours and textures. You weren’t sure the first time but you love it now! You have three tablespoons of porridge in the morning and you’ve also tried fruit purees. You’re already trying to grab the spoon from my hand – fingers crossed you’ll have the same great appetite as your sister. I’m looking forward to using our Babycook over the next month before we you can start to feed yourself unassisted.

Your appetite has really improved this week and we’ve put your milk feeds up to 6oz. I’ve completely stopped feeding you in the night now and pacify you with your dummy instead of the bottle.

You seem to get more adorable with each month and I know you’re going to be such a cheeky and loving little character…

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