7 last-minute Christmas gift ideas for teenagers (guest post)

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The best thing about the holidays is that we get to spend time with those we love most – our families. However, let’s be honest, we also love the part with gifts, which is especially true for kids! So, if you’re still wondering what to get your teenager this Christmas, here are seven great ideas to help you out…

‘Just give me six strings and a half stack’


Well, maybe not a half stack right away. However, if you have a music-loving kid who’d like to learn how to play an instrument, get them a guitar. You’ll probably have to pay for music lessons too, but having your kid learn something new is always a good investment. And if you think they are talented, you shouldn’t think twice. The best thing would be to pick an acoustic guitar, and once they’ve mastered the notes and the chords, maybe you can negotiate the electric version. Who knows, maybe you end up getting them a half stack in a few years.

‘All we need is music, sweet music’

If David Bowie and Mick Jagger say so, who are you to argue? If your kid enjoys listening to music and maybe even dancing in the street, a great gift choice would be a wireless Bluetooth waterproof speaker. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. Your teenager will love this present, since it will give them the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs wherever and whenever they choose. Plus, the speaker can turn any get-together with friends into a little party.

Find Nemo

And then find Dory, to keep Nemo company. If your kid wants a pet, but you aren’t really up for getting a dog, you could buy them an aquarium. You can do some research online to find out which fish get along and which don’t, but the best solution would be to visit your local pet shop and get your information there. Make sure that the aquarium is of the right size for your kid’s room, and don’t forget to ask about the number and types of fish you wish to get.  

Packed and on the run

Another useful and lovely gift is a backpack. Whether your kid decides to take it to school, volleyball practice or a road trip, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Pick a good, fair-sized one, preferably waterproof and in your kid’s favorite color. Maybe choose one with various compartments, so that your teenager can be organized and everything can have its place. They’ll be grateful for this gift.

A skateboard for an active teenager

Your kid is into sports and leaning towards the action ones? Think no further! A perfect gift for your kid would be a cool skateboard to match their unique style. No matter if you have a boy or a girl, this is an amazing gift, since it will encourage your child to spend more time outdoors and even allow them to get to school faster. You should also get them the protective gear, to stay on the safe side. They will be excited to try out their gift as soon as they get it. After all, kids who skate are generally considered to be cool, and which teenager doesn’t want that?

‘You’re a wizard, Harry.’

Don’t let your child learn about The Boy Who Lived from the films. The Harry Potter books are a great present for the child who loves to read as well as for the one who still doesn’t know they love to readThe beautiful world J.K. Rowling created in her books is something every kid should experience. So, let their imagination get wings with this amazing gift and let them go through the holiday season with an image of a Hogwarts Christmas in their beautiful minds.

Say cheese!

Most kids nowadays have cameras on their phones, but if your kid’s artistic and interested in photography, you should get them a real camera, digital or analog. That way they can pursue their hobby and make high-quality photos. Inspire them to take photos of the great outdoors, although starting with photos of your family around a Christmas tree isn’t a bad idea either.

No matter what your teenager’s preferences are, one of these seven gifts will do the trick. And make sure your whole family’s there when the gifts are being opened, to share the joy and see the look of excitement and happiness on your kid’s face when they see what they got!

Article written by Luke Douglas, Editor of Ripped.me.

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