Harry at six months old

I feel like we’ve reached a big milestone at six months and know that over the following months you’ll become an entirely different baby. You’re so self-aware now as you try and master new tricks and better understand your place in the world.

Although I have to say, this month hasn’t been easy and some of the things I was hoping to nail – like feeding and sleeping – have become even more of a challenge…

New developments and tricks

You’re starting to sit up for (very) short periods on your own now. You’re obsessed with your feet and you’re gradually starting to roll over more frequently, following a period where you just didn’t seem that interested.

We’ve introduced you to Taylor’s old jumperoo now, which you love for short periods of time. You bounce like crazy until you become completely worn out!

How you look

So blonde! Your almost black newborn hair has completely disappeared and been replaced with a head of white fluff. You have your dad’s hairline, lips and reddish complexion, but everyone says you look more like me. I think you definitely have my eyes and your ears stick out a little like mine too.

Your legs and arms have started to fill out (we have creases!) and you’re getting longer by the day. You’re still pretty small in comparison to other six month olds though. I need to get you measured and weighed again soon.

You have the sweetest smile which you show to anyone who will give you any attention (although you weren’t feeling the photos today!) You really are so cute.


On the whole you’re still fairly chilled out. You went through a period of shrieking constantly when you found your voice this month, but you seem to have got over the novelty now. You don’t cry or scream often and you’re generally happy and observant – you do like to babble lots though and hate being ignored.


Feeding you has been a constant challenge over the last few weeks! You really don’t enjoy your milk anymore and will only have 4 oz at any one time – at the most. After your morning bottle you barely touch the others I offer you until you go to bed.

I have to add the majority of your milk to food, but that’s a struggle too. You get so fussy and start scratching your head and rubbing your eyes as though you’re exhausted (even if you’ve just woken up). Sometimes you’ll snap out of it half way through a meal and gobble up the rest no problem – I can’t figure you out! You’re certainly more fussy than your sister was at this age.

You are SO easily distracted and I have to take you away from any room where Taylor is, otherwise you stop feeding – and when you stop it’s impossible to get you to start again. You don’t seem to like foods with any flavour and porridge and baby rice go down the easiest…Patience and perseverance have been the themes of your feeding this month. Oh and mess. Lots of mess.

I’m looking forward to when you’re able to better sit up on your own and you can start to have more finger foods!


Harry, what happened??! You were so good in the early months, but I’m paying for that now! You seem to wake up CONSTANTLY. Some nights are better than others, but on the worst nights (like last night!) you are literally up every 30 minutes. We’ve moved you into your own room now, but I often end up bringing you into our bed around 5am, just so that I can get a couple of solid hours shut-eye.

I stopped feeding you in the night months ago, but sometimes offer you the bottle now thinking it might be hunger that’s leaving you unsettled – of course, you don’t really drink it. People tell me that you must be teething, but it doesn’t really mean anything…I think we just have to sup it up for now and hope that this phase passes soon. I’ve learnt by now that there’s certainly no magic cure to get you to sleep through

It’s a good job you’re so cute.

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