To Taylor – On turning three and growing up

I can’t believe I’m only writing this post now, when you actually turned three over a month ago. I wasn’t going to write it at all – partly because I completely ran out of time (how inconsiderate of me to have you so close to Christmas!), but mainly because I didn’t think I could possibly sum up your third year, your spirit and how much you’re loved in one blog post. And of course I can’t.

But I keep coming back to it in my head and there are some things I want to say about my three year old (not so) baby girl. I often imagine you reading through these posts when you’re old enough and I like the idea of reminding you how much you’re loved – now and always.

I’ve watched you blossom this year from a curious, defiant and cheeky toddler into a smart, kind, hilarious (still defiant!) little girl.

I actually can’t believe how much you’ve grown up and it still surprises me when you come out with new words or tell me things I didn’t think you knew about.

An outgoing spirit

You’re such a people person and love nothing more than playing with your friends, making your little brother laugh or sitting down to do a puzzle or play a game with us. You’ve had periods where you’ve been a little more interested in the TV, but on the whole you get so easily distracted and want constant engagement.

You started pre-school in September which you absolutely love. You’ve made lots of friends and each morning you give me a big kiss goodbye. Every afternoon when I enter the room you give me the best welcome ever, shouting “Mummy!” before bounding over into my arms. You are so lovely.

You have so much fun with your dad who baths and puts you to bed each evening. You always play a game of ‘Trolls’ or ‘Fairies’, when you pretend to have super powers. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to play the role of the troll….You’re so playful and have a great imagination. You’re definitely at your happiest when running around like a loon making lots of noise!

During the day I often have to sneak off from you and hope you won’t notice – just so that I can get on and do something else! But it’s never long before I hear the patter of feet followed by “Mummy! Where are yoooouu?!” Or sometimes you just sneak up on me, looking all knowing: “What you doing?”…I admit I struggle to get anything done with you around, but I love you for it really!

In reality of course you actually call me Mom more often than Mummy which drives me insane. All of our conversations tend to start with

You: Mom?

Me: Mummy

You: Mummy….

I’m not sure when you became American.

A fierce mind

You are still so headstrong and independent. Your defiance reached new heights over the last year and it really was a struggle to do anything for you. It still is, but luckily you’re a little quicker and more adept than you were as a two year old who insisted on putting on her own shoes and coat for 30 minutes each morning. I was never on time before I had you, so you can guess how late I am these days!

Your favourite phrase is “Mummy (Mom?) I CAN!!!” God help anyone who tries to help you. I admire your determination, but boy can it be testing at times! Like every morning when you insist on putting your own cereal into your bowl (the one that you have to choose) and then pouring your own milk on (after reaching to get it out of the fridge yourself (“Mummy I CAN!”). I really should get us up much earlier…

Of course you know how to throw a meltdown when you don’t get your own way, but on the whole you aren’t really a tantrummer, a stropper or a sulker. I know your limits (like never EVER take you shopping!) and most of the time you’re a complete delight.

You have a fun, outgoing and care-free personality and your glass is always half full. You throw yourself into any new situation and make new friends easily. You aren’t overly sensitive or easily upset. I hope that you keep your sprit as you get older and become more self-aware.

And a kind heart

But what I love most about your character is how kind you are. You have such a caring nature and hate to see anyone or anything upset or hurt. You actually gasp in horror if I swat a fly “No Mummy! Don’t hurt it!” If I lock our dog Max in the kitchen, you sneak off to let him out and if I tell him off you cuddle him and tell him I didn’t mean it. If I injure myself or feel unwell you want to kiss better the bit that hurts and you love brushing my hair.

You constantly cuddle and kiss your baby brother and try to make him laugh. You fetch his dummy when he cries and instantly shout me to let me know if he’s woken from his nap “Mummy! Harry’s crying!”

You even get upset when people on the TV are sad!

You used to be quite feisty with other kids at nursery when you were younger, but you seem to have grown out of that now. You’re even (quite) good at sharing.

Of course, I could go on forever about your attributes so I’m going to sign off now. I want you to know that you bring such fun and laughter to our lives and I’m so proud of the person you’ve become and are growing into each day.

I love you more with every day.

Your Mummy (Mom!)

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